FUJIFILM Business Innovation Introduces DocuWorks Cloud to Drive Collaboration in Modern Workplaces

SINGAPORE, July 6, 2022 – FUJIFILM Business Innovation Asia Pacific today launched DocuWorks Cloud, a new cloud service developed on the basis of DocuWorks, the document-handling software with over eight million licenses sold internationally. The new service will accelerate the adoption of users’ digital transformation (DX) by providing seamless workflow that enables them to create, view, and share multiple documents with various file formats without any constraints on location, time, and environment.

DocuWorks Cloud is designed to meet the evolving workstyles of DocuWorks users, who are already utilising the software as an “electronic desk” to view and make changes to documents on-the-fly. It also creates a secured and unified workflow, reducing the reliance on print and email communications, thus providing a collaborative environment where users can be more efficient and responsive. DocuWorks Cloud service is the key digital solution supporting the modern way of hybrid working, enabling users to access their work environment from anytime, anywhere and via any device including the mobile phone. The newly added application in mobile phone enhanced user’s ability to work remotely and be productive. By including new private folder and messaging functions, users can now attach a message when sharing documents and share all document-related communications on DocuWorks Cloud.

Figure: DocuWorks Cloud supports multichannel communication and workflow

Businesses looking to improve their productivity and ability to communicate via documents can now enjoy these benefits either at home, in the office or at the workplace of their choice.

[Create] Intuitive one-stop platform supporting multiple formats documents

  • Edit, combine, or split documents without worrying about different file formats such as PDF, PowerPoint, and Word.
  • Complete daily paper-related operations such as stamping or attaching a sticky note effortlessly via this digital solution.

[View] Instantaneous viewing enabling immediate response

  • As a cloud service, users can access their work environment immediately to view and edit the documents as long as they have access to a web browser and the Internet.
  • Preview documents easily by hovering over the thumbnail of the documents uploaded to DocuWorks Cloud without opening the file. You can also flip through the pages to get all details.

[Share] Easy communication and collaboration with multiple users

  • An intuitive workspace simplifying collaboration and communication where multiple users can share their data, edit the documents, exchange messages and request for follow-up actions either via the personal private folder or through the shared workspace.
  • Administrator can also view the history of all actions taken for the documents.
  • To enjoy enhanced secured data exchange and approvals, simply connect to “Working Folder”, FUJIFILM Business Innovation’s cloud storage service and “DocuSign”, the digital signature cloud service. Users can now exchange documents and obtain approvals with all internal and external stakeholders conveniently.

DocuWorks Cloud can now be accessed from mobile devices, allowing users to browse and review files while on the go. When a user receives new updates or documents, a notification message will appear on the DocuWorks Cloud app. The notifications enable users to be on track with their projects, improve review and processing time and most importantly, be updated wherever they are.

FUJIFILM Business Innovation is committed to help all companies stay competitive and grow their profits by increasing operational efficiency through all our solutions – cloud ready, on-premise or both.

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