Gain Control of Inefficient Paper and Electronic Document Business Processes with Nuance AutoStore 7 and eCopy 5.4

BURLINGTON, Mass., September 1, 2015 – Nuance Communications, Inc., a leading provider of speech and imaging solutions, today announced the continued advancement of their solutions portfolio with the introduction of new versions of their capture software products, Nuance AutoStore 7 and eCopy ShareScan 5.4. 

With Nuance Document Imaging solutions and expertise, organizations gain control over inefficient paper and digital document business processes using capture workflows that enhance productivity, collaboration and business efficiencies.  “IDC research shows that today’s Knowledge workers require anytime anywhere access to content in order to drive business workflows,” said Arianna Valentini, Senior Research Analyst, Hardcopy Industry Transformation and Page Volume Analysis. “Secure capture solutions that enable smart business processes with access to cloud sync and share storage, are critical in ensuring information disconnect does not occur. IDC considers Nuance’s new capture solutions to provide that, while giving end-users the document collaboration tools they desire.”

In their latest incarnations, AutoStore and eCopy address customer requirements that further improve document capture across two categories identified as business process capture workflows and collaborative capture workflows

AutoStore 7

AutoStore 7 is best suited for business processes capture workflows where participants submit documents and data into a predefined workflow. AutoStore provides a unique experience designed with a responsive and intuitive interface for speed in capturing critical document information with as little interaction as possible using real-time connections to business systems for rapid and error free processing.

Business processes are planned, defined, managed and repeated consistently. These processes rely on both the document and associated key information required to manage finances, customers, vendors, inventory and other significant business operations. Regardless of where business documents are captured and entered into the workflow, whether from PCs, laptops, smartphones, tablets, MFPs scanners, email and the web, AutoStore seamlessly integrates the information into the organization and its operations, directly contributing to business efficiency and profitability.

AutoStore 7 helps customers gain an even greater degree of control by further improving automated document-driven business processes to lower costs; improve operational efficiency and communication, and; support compliance laws and regulations. Benefits include:

·        Enhanced security and compliance – Through dynamic text redaction,AutoStore enables organizations to protect sensitive information without actually searching for any data on the image file. The software matches data on the image file against a specified dictionary and automatically redacts matching data, enabling the organization to more effectively protect personal information and meet compliance demands.

·        Fast and easy image enhancement – The software automatically remedies capture issues in cameras and smartphones, such as low-quality camera photos, distorted document perspective and warped text, to deliver high-quality images.

·        Business process simplification – A standard interface for scanning and printing, new and updated Document Management System (DMS) routing components, a new Forms Overlay component and greater flexibility when routing to RightFax all provide the ability to reduce complex operations into greatly simplified workflows at the touch of a button.

eCopy ShareScan 5.4

eCopy ShareScan 5.4 is best suited for collaboration work streams where team members, bound by a common goal, such as a project, contribute documents and content to the team for further review and enrichment. By using the multifunction device (MFD) within the workgroup’s area, eCopy quickly and simply guides workgroup members through the process of properly capturing documents. 

Collaboration work streams involve editable and portable documents delivered to shared document repositories such as network folders, Microsoft SharePoint, document management systems, and cloud storage systems, or direct to team members, vendors and customers through email. eCopy ShareScan enables organizations to create and repurpose business content quickly and easily enabling organizations to more effectively communicate and drive business value. With an MFP direct-to-PC desktop inbox for fast and easy reception of scanned documents, and a rich PDF editing and collaboration application with desktop connectors for publishing to popular shared workspaces and the cloud, eCopy ShareScan is a springboard for further reviewing, editing and collaboration by team members.

eCopy ShareScan 5.4 greatly enhances user productivity and control over document collaboration; improves operational efficiency and communication, and; supports compliance with laws and regulations. New benefits include:

·        Enhanced user productivity – Simultaneously select options and enter data while the MFP is scanning with the new work-while-scanning feature for the fastest possible collaborative scanning experience. Combine multiple, long documents, more efficiently and the longer the document, the more time you save. Further, the optional document preview function enables users tomerge multiple documents into a single document, check small defined areas with SmartForms and validate work before they leave the MFP greatly reducing the time and effort required to create and share new content.

·        Expanded connectivity – eCopy Office, Suite and Enterprise now includes the option for the eCopy Cloud Pak offering direct and secure scanning capabilities to Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, and Dropbox plus additional document management connectivity to DocuWare and Exact Synergy Enterprise.

·        Error-free Collaboration – New SmartFormsautomatically drive error-free collaboration processes that require document information and data for successful completion right at the MFP.  

To view the full list of new features, please see the new data sheets for AutoStore and eCopy. For pricing and availability please contact your dealer.

“Nuance’s capture products, including AutoStore and eCopy, benefit organizations of all sizes by driving secure capture and automatic delivery of paper and electronic documents into business applications,” said Michael Rich, executive vice president and general manager, Nuance Document Imaging. “All of this is performed effortlessly with just the push of a button to create a smarter business process. The workflow happens immediately, ensuring documents or information is routed to the correct destination quickly and accurately every time.”

Nuance Document Imaging provides the software solutions and expertise required by professionals and organizations to gain optimal control of their document and information processes. The company’s expansive portfolio enables strict compliance with information security policies and regulations organizations face, reducing risk and assuring employees they have complete control over their documents and information. The comprehensive suite of leading edge solutions enables organizations to streamline and eliminate gaps across the full spectrum of workflows spanning the lifecycle of their documents from origin to archiving. Nuance’s cross-platform compatibility provides seamless deployment across all MFPs, printers, desktops, and mobile devices for IT administrators, while the consistent, familiar and intuitive user-experience delivers more efficient and natural interactions with the technologies used to create, capture, and process documents.

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