Glue Launches First AI-Powered Engagement Platform for Distributed Teams and Acquires HR Platform, PopStage

SEATTLE–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Glue, a leading employee engagement company formerly known as Mystery, today announced a new AI-powered connection platform that uses machine learning and network analysis to uncover connection opportunities for distributed teams. This new platform enables a deeper, live view into distributed workforces and empowers HR and People leaders to understand and act on data.

As part of this news, Glue is also announcing the acquisition of PopStage, a HR software company focused on creating virtual experiences. Integrating the capabilities of these two engagement platforms will further enhance the distributed employee workforce experience.

“We hear over and over—from people leaders, employees, and exec teams—that building relationships is the hardest part of remote work. And the data shows that when employees are disconnected, they’re three times more likely to quit,” said Shane Kovalsky, Co-founder and CEO of Glue. “With our acquisition of PopStage and the launch of our newest connection platform, we’re further helping customers unlock the power of employee connections and driving retention.”

The new Glue platform uses state of the art machine learning, recommendation, optimization, network science, and modeling across 10M+ real-time data points to help people leaders maximize employee connection and engagement. Sequencing and optimization machine learning models work within the new platform to help learn what is working to keep companies connected, and what interventions can be taken to give leaders the highest ROI for moving connection and engagement.

The launch of Glue’s new platform and the acquisition demonstrate the company’s commitment to helping organizations build connections that drive retention. Unlike survey-based employee engagement platforms, Glue gives HR and People teams access to real-time connection data based on employees’ digital interactions. This way leaders can proactively take action and measure ROI, without waiting for quarterly or biannual survey results.

“Glue takes the guesswork out of employee engagement. Their platform proactively identifies connection opportunities across Coda and brings people together with experiences my employees actually want to do,” said Kenny Mendes, Head of People & Operations at Coda.

Glue’s recent customer data shows that 90% of employees prefer their experiences and that utilizing the Glue platform leads to a better understanding of employee problems making the solution 20x more impactful to the bottom line.