HP Delivers Predictive Analytics at Big Data Scale

SAN JOSE, CA–(Marketwired – Feb 17, 2015) –  (Strata + Hadoop World) — HP (NYSE: HPQ) today unveiled HP Haven Predictive Analytics, a new offering that accelerates and operationalizes large-scale machine learning and statistical analysis, and ultimately provides organizations with much deeper insights and understanding into today’s rapidly evolving data volumes.

Powered by HP’s innovative Distributed R offering, the new release dramatically improves performance and enables users to analyze much larger data sets than was previously possible with the popular R statistical programing language. Available now at http://www.vertica.com/distributedr, the new offering includes the following key components and capabilities:

Distributed R – a new high performance analytical engine based on the open source R language developed with HP Labs to address the most demanding, Big Data predictive analytics tasks.

Data acceleration and native SQL support with HP Vertica – native integration with the market leading columnar MPP database increases overall data access performance by up to 5X and enables a broader community of developers and DBAs to put predictive analytics into action.

Out-of-the-box-algorithms – a comprehensive set of proven, out-of-the-box parallel algorithms that produce accurate and consistent results with mature standard R algorithms.

Open Source – the new offering is free and fully compatible with the open source R language and tools and backed by enterprise support from HP and priced per node. 

“HP Haven Predictive Analytics provides the scale and performance to Cerner to achieve predictive analytics health care solutions that were not possible before,” said Dr. Doug McNair, M.D., PhD, senior vice president at Cerner Corporation (@Cerner). “The Distributed R technology is vital for Cerner’s discovery activities, which we conduct for Cerner’s health care clients around the world. In health care use cases, the most valuable item sets are rare. Therefore, coverage of the entire corpus of records is often essential to avoid false-negative results and to ensure model stability. HP Haven Predictive Analytics is a strategic enabler for Cerner.”

Predictive Analytics, Built for Big Data

The open source R language is used by millions of data scientists around the globe to interpret, interact with, and visualize data, and has been a powerful tool in tackling predictive modeling tasks such as drug discovery and financial modeling. Unfortunately, due to its inherent design, it has been challenged to process large data sets.

To overcome this limitation, HP Labs (@hplabs) and HP Software (@HPSoftware) developed Distributed R, a revolutionary extension of R, which boosts performance by splitting tasks between multiple processing nodes. The result of this strategic initiative is the industry’s first open source version of a distributed platform for R that is explicitly designed to address today’s demanding Big Data predictive analytic tasks.

Now the global developer community can employ R to scale for billions of records of data — an order of magnitude improvement over traditional R-based performance. HP Haven Predictive Analytics also retains the flexibility and consistency with R and enables data scientists to use their familiar R console and RStudio to work with Distributed R.

“HP Haven Predictive Analytics delivers the industry’s first open, high-performance platform based on R, seamlessly integrated with the HP Haven Big Data Platform,” says Shilpa Lawande (@slawande), GM Platform, HP Software Big Data Business Unit. “Now, organizations can unlock the untapped value of Big Data with scalable predictive analytics to address every use case — from customer acquisition and retention to fraud detection to predictive maintenance and many more.”

Pricing and Availability 

HP Haven Predictive Analytics is free open-source software and is backed by award winning HP global enterprise support, which helps organizations realize the full value of their investment in Big Data analytics. This optional support offering is priced per node up to 5 nodes with attractive discount pricing available for larger deployments. More information about HP Haven Predictive Analytics is available at http://www.vertica.com/distributedr.

Additional Information

The new product is available immediately. For information on a recent Distributed R workshop, see: http://www.vertica.com/2015/01/22/workshop-on-distributed-computing-in-r/.

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