Hyland Announces Its Newest Cloud-Based Product: AirBase by Hyland

CLEVELAND, Feb. 20, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Hyland, a global leader in providing software solutions for managing content, processes and cases, announces its newest product: AirBase by Hyland. AirBase is the second cloud-based product launch in a year for Hyland and is specifically developed to meet the needs of businesses looking for a simple, secure cloud-based document management application.

Sold exclusively through Hyland’s partner channel, AirBase is designed to get businesses up and running quickly with simple document management capabilities that produce immediate results. AirBase enables organizations to:

  • Quickly and confidently deploy a cloud-based solution
  • Leverage person-to-person document routing, reducing bottlenecks
  • Create, grow and maintain solutions using an intuitive, tile-based interface
  • Accelerate user adoption with minimal end-user training requirements
  • Reduce reliance on valuable IT and administration resources
  • Implement custom integrations through publicly available REST APIs
  • Ensure critical information is safe in the private Hyland Cloud with individual encryption and no commingling of data
  • Easily purchase with a cost-effective, user-based subscription licensing model

“AirBase continues our commitment to innovation and partnership. With AirBase, we are able to respond specifically to our award-winning partner channel seeking to offer a simple cloud-based document management solution,” said Brenda Kirk, senior vice president of product and strategy at Hyland. “By tapping into Hyland’s more than 25 years of deep industry expertise, we’re positioned to swiftly respond to this important market need – and we’re thrilled to add AirBase to our suite of products.”

AirBase joins Hyland’s existing product suite that includes OnBase, an industry leading enterprise information platform product; ShareBase, an enterprise file sync and share product; and LawLogix, which provides cloud-based solutions for HR professionals and immigration practitioners.

To learn how AirBase equips organizations to take control of their documents with unparalleled simplicity, visit Airbase.Hyland.com.

About Hyland 
Hyland is a leader in providing software solutions for managing content, processes and cases for organizations across the globe. For 25 years, Hyland has enabled more than 15,500 organizations to digitalize their workplaces and fundamentally transform their operations. Named one of Fortune’s 2016 Best Companies to Work For®, Hyland is widely known as both a great company to work for and a great company to do business with. For more information, please visit OnBase.com.