Hyland Releases Foundation Version of Brainware Intelligent Capture

Hyland, a leading content services provider for organizations across the globe, announces Brainware Foundation, the latest release of Hyland’s intelligent data extraction and text analytics software. Built on a modern technology architecture, Brainware Foundation strengthens organizations’ existing technology investments while equipping them for the future through an increased cadence of enhancements. These enhancement packs (EP) ensure the most stable, secure and feature-rich product on the market while providing updates throughout a calendar year.

Brainware Foundation EP1 includes key enhancements to functionality, usability and security – most notably the addition of a breakthrough handwriting recognition engine. Brainware users can now opt to leverage Microsoft’s cloud OCR engine through Azure Computer Vision, an intelligent content analysis tool within the portfolio of Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services. The Microsoft engine includes advanced OCR capabilities for extracting difficult handwritten inputs, in addition to machine-printed text. Extraction can be performed in a single pass on free-form printed or scripted writing without anchors, constraint boxes, color dropout, or additional OCR/ICR engines.

“Our goal with the Brainware modernization vision and strategy is to continue offering organizations the most powerful document acquisition and intelligent data capture software on the market,” said Tim Shippy, capture product manager at Hyland. “The addition of advanced handwritten text OCR will significantly expand an organization’s ability to extract information from documents and forms, as well as their ability to accelerate downstream processes across their organization.”

Other features within the Brainware Foundation EP1 release include:

  • Increased license control in hosted environments: The latest version of Brainware automatically moves runtime license files to a database. This improves supportability and scalability for solutions hosted in multi-server environments. Additionally, users can configure the location, size and storage time of log files.
  • Usability and security enhancements: Additional usability and security enhancements provide the ability to reclassify documents earlier in the document separation process, upgraded security and user access controls with TLS1.2, and password masking within solution configuration.

“The increased enhancement cadence for Brainware will deliver the most impactful and innovative features for our customers to elevate their business, prepare for rapidly changing business environments and deliver the best experiences to their customers,” says Shippy.

For more information about Brainware Intelligent Capture visit Hyland.com/Brainware. For additional details about Hyland’s product modernization strategy and evolution to its cloud-native SaaS platform visit Hyland.com/platform.

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