IT By Design’s Team GPS Now Integrates with MSPbots 

MARLBORO, N.J. —May 24, 2023 — IT By Design and MSPbots are teaming to underscore the role data-driven conversations can play in fostering a strong workplace culture for healthy teams and happy clients. By integrating with MSPbots, Team GPS will provide a centralized system to manage data, communicate expectations clearly and help hold team members accountable. MSPs will be able to identify potential issues before they become major problems and take actionable steps to create a better experience for employees, and customers.

Prior to the integration, such data gathering had been largely manual and highly time consuming, a sentiment echoed by Stephani Hardon, community engagement director for Denver-based DCNC Inc., a managed services provider founded in 1998. “Everyone wants transparency and timely access to current information, insights and trends. It’s no longer ‘wait and see’ in one-on-one meetings or annual performance reviews, for example. This goes straight to the core of overall success for any MSP today.” 

Better Business Utilization Leads to Higher Profit 

Through the connection of disparate systems that measure client sentiment and employee engagement, Team GPS enables MSPs to improve client and employee retention rates and drive higher profitability.  

“When our techs come into meetings to discuss performance, they know their goals and KPIs beforehand with the specific metrics relative to their role, including statistics and trends associated with respective customer satisfaction scorecards,” explained Pete Jones, DCNC executive vice president. “Our people know where they stand at any given time, supporting ideal two-way communication – including the opportunity for staff to proactively develop and share improvement plans in any areas where they may be underperforming.”  

Data-Driven Process Automation 
By integrating with MSPbots, Team GPS taps the Chicago-based company’s expertise in creating and deploying bots that simplify administrative tasks, shorten processes, and convert data into actionable items so MSPs can devote more of their resources to creative solutions. In addition to other programs, MSPbots connects with the popular ConnectWise PSA (professional service automation) solution used by thousands of MSPs nationwide. 

“As an IT and managed service provider themselves for two decades, IT By Design thoroughly understands MSP business models and how to improve them,” observed Daniel Wang, founder and CEO of MSPbots. “Integration with MSPbots further advances their commitment to giving MSPs the tools and resources to optimize finding, retaining and developing talent for better profits and more stable business practices.”   

“Successful MSPs continuously seek ways to advance and improve their services as well as the people they employ,” commented IT By Design CEO Sunny Kaila. “We are exclusively focused on enabling such ongoing growth in personnel, profits and performance. Integrating Team GPS with MSPbots further galvanizes what we do, making it easier than ever for MSPs to be at the top of their game.”