KnowledgeLake Reaffirms Commitment to HIPAA with 2023 Certification

St. Louis, MO, June 22, 2023 – KnowledgeLake, a leading provider of intelligent document processing solutions, is reaffirming its commitment to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) with 2023 certification, further expanding the company’s robust privacy and security credentials into the healthcare sector.

KnowledgeLake already holds a comprehensive set of compliance certifications, including SOC 2 and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Earning HIPAA compliance confirms KnowledgeLake’s cloud-native platform meets the stringent guidelines for securely handling protected health information (PHI).

“As a leading enterprise content management platform for major cloud providers, such as Microsoft Azure and AWS, our solutions are built on a foundation of strong security and privacy. Earning the HIPAA compliance seal adds an additional layer of trust and confidence in our ability to keep even the most sensitive information safe and secure in the cloud. I’m very proud of our team for earning this impressive achievement to help expand our technology further into this important market,” said Ron Cameron, CEO and Co-Founder of KnowledgeLake.

“HIPAA compliance is a common gap among enterprise content and intelligent document management providers. We’re thrilled to leverage a technology proven to meet these standards. Having a HIPAA-compliant partner to collaborate with delivers instant value to our healthcare customers, making it easier to implement automation, AI, and other emerging technologies necessary to drive innovation across the health sector,” said Chad VanNorman, Chief Operating & Information Officer at DataBank IMX, a member of KnowledgeLake’s Partner Program.

With ongoing staffing shortages and pressure to reduce costs, the healthcare industry is under increasing pressure to improve business processes and operate more efficiently. At the same time, content management is getting much more sophisticated, with an increasing volume and variety of information being shared across providers and health systems via the cloud. KnowledgeLake’s HIPAA-compliant enterprise content management (ECM) solutions have the potential to revolutionize healthcare by streamlining business processes, empowering automation, and speeding access to information – all without jeopardizing the privacy of patient information.