Kodak Alaris Expands Scanner Portfolio to Help Businesses Accelerate Digital Transformation

ROCHESTER, N.Y., July 25, 2017 – Organizations of all sizes—from small offices to global enterprises—are in a race without a finish line, spurred by business and IT leaders to win the sprint toward digital transformation and operational efficiency. At the heart of it all is the urgent need to digitize hard copy documents and make information easily accessible to stakeholders across an organization. The ultimate goal is to make lightning fast decisions which leads to greater responsiveness to customers, all while meeting compliance, security, and records management demands.  

To address these challenges, Kodak Alaris has launched the Kodak i3300 Scanner. The i3300 Scanner is ideal for general office settings in a wide range of industries and vertical markets including healthcare and government. Scanning at 70 pages per minute, it fits between the i3200 Scanner (50ppm) and the i3400 Scanner (90ppm) in the Kodak Alaris portfolio. As part of the Alaris IN2 Ecosystem, the i3300 Scanner integrates seamlessly with capture software and third party applications to extract data from documents and feed it into business processes and workflows.

“Healthcare facilities are looking to address challenges throughout the continuum of care, from patient onboarding to forms processing. The i3300 Scanner is ideal for satisfying these broad requirements,” said Vanilda Grando, Managing Director, Americas Region, Kodak Alaris Information Management. “Similarly, government satellite locations such as county clerks’ offices, school districts, and motor vehicle departments will find 70 pages per minute is a ‘sweet spot’ for handling both transactional and batch scanning operations.”

The i3300 Scanner includes an easy-to-use control panel designed to shorten the learning curve for new users. Additional features of the i3300 Scanner include:

  • The latest version of Perfect Page technology with built-in barcode reading 
  • Advanced imaging technology that requires no trade-offs in terms of productivity or scanning speed for color or high-resolution images
  • Intelligent Document Protection (IDP) to defend against potentially damaged documents and lost data
    • Documents that are stapled, folded or delicate are at risk of being damaged when moving through auto feed paper transports
    • With IDP, the paper transport automatically stops at the first indication of document damage, so users can preserve the document and the information it contains
  • Integration with all TWAINISIS, and LINUX-based scanning applications, and compatibility with WINDOWSMAC, and LINUX environments.

Several organizations currently rely on the i3000 Series Scanners for superior image quality, speed and reliability.

  • Lifetime Care, a home care services provider, made the transition to a digital workflow by adopting an automatic indexing system that includes the i3400 Scanner and Kodak Capture Pro Software. As a result, the agency significantly cut the cost of digitizing documents and improved access to patient information.
  • Crimson, a UK-based document management organization, used several Kodak Alaris scanners including the i3400 Scanner to improve efficiency and better meet the needs of its customers for processing invoices, building planning applications and digitizing proof of delivery documentation.

Available immediately, the i3300 Scanner has a US list price of $4,495.

About the Information Management Division of Kodak Alaris

The ever-increasing flood of data, and how we manage it, is one of the greatest opportunities facing businesses and governments in the 21st century. Kodak Alaris works with organizations from small offices to global enterprises, bringing together the best science, technology and partnerships so its clients can stay ahead of the curve. From our award-winning range of scanners and software to the best global customer service and support, we’re here to help businesses transform data into a powerful competitive advantage.