Konica Minolta Launches New Campaign to Promote FORXAI Video Security Solution

Ramsey, NJ — Konica Minolta Business Solutions U.S.A., Inc. (Konica Minolta) has launched a new campaign to drive awareness of its intelligent video solutions for physical security. Its superhero theme parallels the hero/villain dynamic, encouraging business owners and physical security teams to think of their companies as communities for which they are the superhero and protector. The campaign aims to arm businesses with the tools to protect their assets by inspiring them to ‘suit up for your multiverse’ and ‘stand up against villains,’ using a ‘How-To Guide to Becoming a Video Security Superhero.’

Our technology-driven world has enabled the ability to connect to the people and information we need in our daily lives anytime, anywhere. Access achieved through digital transformation has obvious benefits, but there is still the universal need to feel safe and secure, not only online but in the physical sense. Today, it’s not enough to have cameras installed; organizations need to invest in the technology behind them that will offer data and insight into how to prevent unwanted incidents and react quickly in times of crisis.

In April, Konica Minolta announced the launch of its FORXAI Video Security Solution (VSS) and expanded partnership with MOBOTIX in the U.S. The offering provides a comprehensive end-to-end offering that helps organizations analyze processes, situations and behavior through features like motion/PPE detection, facial recognition, object tracking and two-way alerting. The unique, decentralized software-driven solution offers unparalleled security systems that not only collect data, but also analyze and convert it into valuable, actionable information for a greater degree of intelligence.

“Video surveillance today goes way beyond capturing high-resolution video images 24/7; it allows businesses to more effectively defuse highly dangerous situations and reduce liability with better video surveillance, video analytics and real-time alerts,” said Hampton Hale, Vice President of Programs, BIS, Konica Minolta. “Our new campaign will encourage businesses to not only consider their security posture from a digital standpoint, but also uncover what vulnerabilities exist in their physical space, such as unmonitored hallways, blurry imaging due to dated video equipment or gaps in current security coverage.”

The campaign also emphasizes how partnering with Konica Minolta as a trusted physical security provider will empower businesses to gain insight into the mind of a security villain and collaboratively build the right video security management system that works for each individual organization. Konica Minolta can equip customers across all industry sectors with the ‘superpowers’ needed to get actionable data that helps security teams make the right decisions for their business. It’s all connected to future success.

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