Laserfiche Embeds Handwriting Recognition in Artificial Intelligence Data Capture Services

LONG BEACH, CALIFORNIA, NOVEMBER 3, 2022 – Laserfiche — the leading SaaS provider of intelligent content management and business process automation — launched today an expansion of its intelligent data handwriting recognition for Laserfiche Cloud. This innovative feature allows organizations to extract handwritten text from semi-structured documents, to better serve their communities and expand the footprint of their business process automation.

Laserfiche additionally expanded intelligent capture capabilities earlier this year by adding full-text searchability to audio and video files stored in Laserfiche, such as voicemails or video meeting recordings. Driven by the understanding that the modern definition of a “document” should include any file format that can hold valuable and actionable data, Laserfiche provides users with the versatile data capture services required in today’s modern workflows.

“With the addition of handwriting recognition and audio/video media searchability, we’re empowering our customers to get the most out of their digitization efforts,” said Laserfiche Senior Product Manager Tessa Kohl. “By leveraging both structured and unstructured data, customers will be able to develop more end-to-end solutions that will help them meet their own business priorities, such as being resilient to staff shortages or providing excellent services to their end users.”

Robust handwriting recognition services make content-centric workflow automation accessible to Laserfiche customers whose end users require paper documents or forms for any reason. Laserfiche’s expanded intelligent capture capabilities are ideal solutions for:

  • Government agencies that process handwritten content such as business applications
  • School districts, colleges or universities which serve students and families with limited access to online forms
  • Hospitals and clinics that must process handwritten patient intake forms or insurance claims
  • Financial institutions with clients that prefer handwritten loan or mortgage applications
  • Manufacturing companies that follow ISO 9001 standards, which include quality inspection approval sheets that are filled and signed by hand

“Organizations today are reimagining their data and processes to create the best possible experience for those they serve,” said Laserfiche CEO Karl Chan. “This expansion of Laserfiche’s intelligent capture capabilities supports organizations’ goals to increase the quality of services, while continuing to innovate and digitally transform operations.”