Lexmark Expands Robotic Process Automation Capabilities

LEXINGTON, Ky., Sep 14, 2016 — Lexmark International, a global technology leader, announces Kofax Kapow 10 for robotic process automation (RPA) projects aimed at automating the labor intensive processing of digital information.

According to the Institute for Robotic Process Automation, “Any company that uses labor on a large scale for general knowledge process work, where people are performing high-volume, highly transactional process functions, will boost their capabilities and save money and time with robotic process automation software.”

Kofax Kapow robots automate the acquisition, transformation and processing of information – from websites, portals, internal systems, including enterprise software and desktop applications, and a number of other information sources. Kofax Kapow robots can be implemented without complex coding or lengthy development cycles, which dramatically expedites project deployments and speeds ROI.

Kofax Kapow 10 adds a number of RPA enhancements to Kapow’s existing capabilities:

Robots can now be designed to automate legacy mainframe application tasks directly, via new built-in native mainframe terminal connectivity, or via existing integrations with terminal emulator interfaces such as those from Attachmate and Rocket Software.
Kapow robots can interact with business applications including Windows® and Java™, and common enterprise applications such as Oracle® and SAP®.
Enhanced queueing improves communication and orchestration of thousands of enterprise software robots between servers, websites, portals, and remote and virtualized desktops.

Kofax Kapow is a proven RPA solution that is well-suited for all industries and use cases including customer and employee onboarding, banking, insurance, supply chain, finance and accounting, marketing, and front office customer service operations. Kapow is currently deployed at hundreds of organizations across most industries and markets.

By automating repetitive but essential tasks, Kofax Kapow software advances digital transformation initiatives to deliver immediate impact to business operations and accelerate new business opportunities.

Kofax Kapow is a powerful standalone solution that is also seamlessly integrated with Kofax TotalAgility®, the first unified smart process application platform. TotalAgility includes multichannel capture, process management, information integration, mobility, e-signature, customer communications management and analytics capabilities. The platform simplifies and transforms processes to reduce operating costs, improve responsiveness and ensure compliance.å

According to Gartner, “The majority of RPA’s current use cases improve the customer or employee experience by removing drudgery from process work, shortening turnaround times for processing activities, and potentially increasing quality by eliminating human error. For client organizations, the main benefit is cost reduction while scaling the business process or function, mostly because staff can be relieved of the tasks almost entirely. By industry, globally financial services and insurance sectors are dominating the charge in adoption in a drive to minimize cost of labor-intensive activities, such as healthcare insurance for managing customer data in the U.S. and telecommunication and utilities in the U.S. and U.K.”[1]

“The rise of Robotic Process Automation has generated an increasing level of interest in our Kapow solution from both new prospects and existing customers. These organizations understand the value of automating routine activities at scale with little or no human involvement,” said Reynolds C. Bish, vice president of Lexmark and president of Lexmark Enterprise Software. “With Kapow, companies can leave mundane repetitive tasks to software robots and free up workers to focus on higher value goals – like providing better customer service – that are best handled with a human touch.”

“We always managed to stay on top of customer queries and meet our service level agreements [SLAs], but knew we could do better. We wanted to be more proactive, and provide all customers with up-to-the-minute insight into their orders instead of waiting for them to come to us with a query,” said Darren Gurney, logistics systems manager, Davies Turner. “The Kofax Kapow RPA solution has eliminated tedious manual work and has made people’s jobs easier—and all without introducing any major changes to the way teams work. People can now find the data they need in a much quicker and slicker way. Kapow is helping us deliver a higher level of customer service with less administrative effort.”