Lexmark Introduces Advanced Output Management for Healthcare

Lexmark International, Inc., a global imaging solutions leader, today announced the availability of Lexmark Advanced Output Management for Healthcare, a solution that combines durable, easy-to-use Lexmark printers with advanced queue management software to provide highly reliable, fast and accurate delivery of healthcare information, freeing clinicians to focus on the patient rather than paper.

“Printed information is critical in a healthcare setting, and any disruptions to this workflow can keep clinicians from providing the highest level of patient care possible,” said Marty DeGraff, director, Lexmark Healthcare. “We developed Advanced Output Management for Healthcare to provide fast, accurate delivery of information when and where it is needed throughout the healthcare organization.”

The typical healthcare facility relies on multiple print servers and application processes. When a device goes off line, it is a time-consuming process to get the full system back up and running properly. With Lexmark Advanced Output Management for Healthcare, this is automatic, as a single application provides visibility and control to printing output across the organization.

If a device goes off line, the queue management application automatically rolls over all print queues, regardless of source, to a predetermined alternative device. A detailed audit trail is available for all output activity to speed compliance audits as well as promote process improvement. This frees clinicians to focus on patient care instead of print output tasks.

Advanced Output Management for Healthcare allows healthcare organizations to:

  • Boost reliability and availability: Improve print uptime by reducing time spent managing multiple hosts; enable faster recovery of custom settings with automated restoration
  • Improve security: Easily audit print, fax, copy and scan activity to increase security and compliance efforts; identify and route print jobs to alternative output routes such as file shares and email
  • Consolidate infrastructure: Reduce the number of print servers and accompanying hardware, maintenance and software costs; control the use of costly special features such as color, oversize print jobs and out-of-print policy 
  • Speed information workflow: Intercept print jobs and inject custom features including plain paper, tamper-resistant printing for prescriptions and paper orders; provide electronic report distribution to save time and expense 

Rather than forcing a one-size-fits-all solution into the healthcare environment, Lexmark’s healthcare  workflow experts assist customers in designing a solution customized for their hospital’s unique requirements. The solution is available via Lexmark authorized resellers or directly from Lexmark.

“Lexmark brings more than 20 years of industry experience to over 1,400 hospitals in North America and implements solutions for all major healthcare management systems,” said Allen Waugerman, Lexmark senior vice president and chief technology officer. “Drawing upon our deep industry expertise, this solution helps healthcare delivery organizations lower operational expenses, reduce IT burdens and spend more time with patients.”


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