LumApps Unveils “Spaces” for Improved Knowledge Sharing and Collaboration 

Austin, Texas — April 17, 2023 — LumApps, a leading employee experience platform, is launching a new feature to help organizations promote knowledge sharing, improve collaboration and drive employee engagement across teams.

‘Spaces’ is an evolution of LumApps Communities. The new interactive hubs integrate various digital tools, making it easier for employees to find and exchange information, share experiences, and engage with colleagues across the entire organization or within specific communities. With Spaces, employees can:

Create and share interactive posts using rich media like video
Generate blogs and exchange knowledge in easy-to-share articles
Create events (virtual or in-person) with invitation and registration functionality
Build intuitive navigation for frequently used resources

“Whether in the same office or distributed around the globe, today’s employees want autonomy, flexibility, and control over their work. LumApps Spaces provides a central place for them to engage across the web and mobile in a way best suited for them. Employees get to pick where and how they communicate, making it more likely for them to share advice, lessons learned, and engage with their peers, promoting a more innovative and creative work culture,” said Idriss Bentoumi, Chief Product Officer at LumApps.

Spaces also includes advanced analytics that offer leaders and administrators better visibility into the reach and impact of peer-to-peer interactions.

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