MCN Healthcare Introduces Contract Manager

DENVER (PRWEB) DECEMBER 07, 2017 — MCN Healthcare, a global healthcare document compliance management and web-based learning solutions provider, announces the release of Contract Manager, a digital document management solution that automates and simplifies the contract management process.

Contract Manager helps healthcare providers safely store, edit, and approve their contracts, including agreements between patients and providers, plus vendor and employee contracts, and more.

“Contract management is such an important, yet time-consuming component of any healthcare provider’s business that we saw a real opportunity to expand our existing document management and compliance solutions,” said Amanda Valeur, President and Founder, MCN Healthcare and MCN Learning, and Director of MCN Foundation. “We developed Contract Manager and its capabilities on top of our policy management platform so that compliance, legal, and HR teams tasked with managing the contract lifecycle can do it all in one place. Not only does Contract Manager save users a lot of time, it also tracks every user’s action to ensure visibility and accountability across all departments.”

Contract Manager is securely accessed through designated user permissions to maintain strict confidentiality. Authorized users can search, edit, and approve contracts from a central digital repository. The system automatically notifies relevant stakeholders and decision makers at each critical point of the process so that no signature or approval is missed, helping teams meet important deadlines. And the audit trail of user activity—from creation to revision to approval—eliminates wasted time and duplicate work while carefully ensuring version control to meet even the most stringent archiving and storage requirements.

With Contract Manager’s automated solution, the contract management process is more efficient and accurate from end-to-end, leading to greater compliance, better patient care, and increased revenue.

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About MCN Healthcare

MCN Healthcare is the leading provider of document compliance management and web-based learning solutions built to fit the specific needs of the healthcare industry. With over 30 years of healthcare experience, customers worldwide rely on MCN’s solutions to confidently maintain compliance and manage documents. With MCN Healthcare, you reduce risk, streamline workflows, and create a safer care environments.

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