Mobile Leads the Second Wave of Capture

by Kevin Craine | 8/24/15

A recent movement in business toward the adoption of new and more advanced data capture techniques is taking shape in what I call the “Second Wave of Capture.” We’re all familiar with scan-and-store capture scenarios that provide the ability to make a digital image of a printed page and extract bits of information from the original paper source. But organizations of all sizes and types are improving performance through more innovative and imaginative use of capture. Indeed, a new wave of approaches and capabilities are bringing capture technologies out of the basement and into the frontline of business process. 

Mobile Capture Process Improvement
One example is mobile capture technology and the loan origination process. As other areas of business and commerce have become more and more paperless, the truth is that the loan origination process for most banks is often mired in manual workflow and requires customers to visit a branch to submit stacks of paperwork. Mobile capture provides a way to remove the burden of paper from the process by driving the digital capture of the necessary documents directly into the field – at the branch and even in customers’ homes or workplaces – while advanced document classification and case management capabilities automate and streamline the back-office management of each loan.

 Mobile leads the second wave of capture, and is transforming ECM.

Banking on Mobile Capture
Union Bank, a commercial bank with retail branches in California, Washington and Oregon, is actively using mobile capture in their loan origination process. They recently adopted advanced capture capabilities and according to Dave Gomez, Senior VP of ECM, the bank has seen a 20-30 percent increase in productivity as a result. “When we have a relationship manager that needs some information from a client, they now can simply take a picture with their smartphone, automatically ingest that information, and start a process for it,” says Gomez.
Expand Your View 
It’s time to catch the second wave of capture. Mobile capture is transforming enterprise content management and has the potential to dramatically improve how companies interact with customers, information and processes. If you’ve limited your view of “capture” as one involving only stacks of paper and high speed scanners, it’s time to look again. Mobile capture is a practical and profitable bridge between paper and content-intensive applications that can speed the pace of business, improve customer service and experience, and make the most of your people, processes and technology.  
Guest contributor Kevin Craine is the author of the book Designing a Document Strategy and a respected authority on document management and process improvement. He is the managing director of Craine Communications Group. For more information visit

Kevin Craine is the managing director of Craine Communications Group. He is writer, podcaster and technology analyst, as well as the author of the book Designing a Document Strategy and a respected authority on document management and process improvement. He was named the No. 1 ECM Influencer to follow on Twitter.