MWA Intelligence, Inc. and LMI Solutions Announce Managed Business Services Integration

Scottsdale AZ – May 12, 2017 – MWA Intelligence Inc. (MWA), a master value-added reseller (MVAR) and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) for SAP Business One and leader in enterprise resource planning software (ERP) and LMI Solutions, an award-winning provider of managed business services infrastructure (products, services, and solutions) for market leading resellers across North America, announce a groundbreaking integration of LMI’s MBS architecture into FORZA.

LMI’s Managed Business Services (MBS) architecture enables resellers to administer services for any IoT connected asset in the end user’s environment.  This type of architecture ‘brokers’ data, analytics, and AI from a wide range of sources, either at the cloud or fog level, gathering a multitude of disparate systems and streamlining them.  Utilizing LMI’s QuickResponse® mobile app technology, resellers—and their end users— can obtain real-time visibility to asset and environment performance, delivering situational awareness that enables services optimization and automation throughout their business environment.

LMI forecasts continued expansion of its support services (i.e. Sales Training) beyond MPS, to offerings such as Managed IT, Managed Energy, and other ventures that will support resellers’ expansion into a wide range of Managed Business Services.

“The dynamic state of the imaging channel is at an all-time high right now, farther than it has ever been before in terms of technological advancements and enhanced business processes,” said Michael T. Stramaglio, President and CEO of MWA Intelligence, Inc. “The only way to achieve this type of momentum and sustain it on a communal level is through strong, cohesive collaboration. It is only fair that we provide an unprecedented industry with unparalleled products. Therefore, integrating LMI’s MBS architecture into FORZA will prove to be the ultimate value-adding solution catering to organizations of all sizes for today, tomorrow, and the future.”

“An MWA/LMI partnership seemed a natural progression,” stated Doug Johnson, Chief Strategy Officer, LMI Solutions, “as both companies see the market in the same way.  There is great value in shared knowledge, and MWA has the only solution in the market that delivers an MBS ERP platform for our reseller community.  Both MWA and LMI are committed to investing in the next generation of services in order to anticipate where the needs of our customers will go.”

About MWA Intelligence, Inc.

MWA Intelligence Inc. (MWA), an SAP Business One Gold Partner and one of five OEMs worldwide, provides innovative enterprise-class solutions for dealerships to sustain competitive advantages within the imaging channel. MWA FORZA, built on the SAP Business One platform, is a fully streamlined ERP solution centrally focused on delivering maximum efficiency and effectiveness in a vertical market. Having control over all functionality of every business process enables dealerships to have full transparency unparalleled in the marketplace while simultaneously managing vast amounts of data. Designed with open architecture, organizations are allowed to freely seek out opportunistic growth without being hindered by inadequate solutions. MWA FORZA automates daily routine processes so dealerships can focus on making critical business decisions armed with smarter IT capabilities.

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