MWA Intelligence Welcomes Milner Inc. to SAP Business One FORZA Community

SCOTTSDALE, AZ —May 16, 2017 — MWA Intelligence Inc. (MWA), a master value-added reseller (MVAR) and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) for SAP Business One and leader in enterprise resource planning software (ERP), maintains its steadfast expansion of the FORZA and SAP Business One client base with its newest member, Milner, Inc.

Serving the information technology and services industry since 1987, Milner, Inc. has evolved into an industry leader and influential force for business office innovation. For three decades Milner, Inc.’s positioning in the IT sector as a leading specialist has set the precedent for document reproduction equipment and services, tailored software and business solutions on a national scale.

“The true nature of the imaging channel is characterized by a constant state of change and progression that is driven by unwavering innovation,” said Michael T. Stramaglio, President and CEO of MWA Intelligence, Inc. “In an accelerating industry, business organizations should not have to settle for complacent and worn-out business technologies. Therefore, by focusing our efforts on ensuring the successful growth for the channel, MWA has delivered the FORZA ERP solution in response to the growing demands of dealerships everywhere. As our innovative intentions for the imaging community align, I am very pleased to welcome Milner, Inc. into the FORZA and SAP Business One community.”

Located in Atlanta, Georgia, Milner has developed from a catalyst in document reproduction into a nationwide full service provider of innovative office solutions. Milner’s cutting-edge technology integrated with their business processes has cultivated competitive advantages for their clients in any marketplace.  While being recognized as one of the nation’s largest independent providers in multi-functional printers, Milner’s distinguished assistance in optimizing business efficiency and productivity for small and large enterprises has garnered the reputation as one of the biggest and most trusted companies in the IT and service industry.

“With technology in the business industry continually developing and improving, business organizations must be able to adapt and adopt modern practices to stay ahead of the crowd,” said Robbie Haverstick, Executive Vice President of Milner, Inc. “As an industry leader, we are always looking for newer and better ways to implement our solutions, services and products that are most beneficial to those we serve. MWA and their unrivaled FORZA ERP solution enhances our capabilities and operations to provide the revolutionary products and services that have made Milner, Inc. into the premiere organization that it is today.”

MWA FORZA with SAP Business One is a complete, integrated ERP that provides transparency and instant visibility into operations. The FORZA solution helps dealerships to better unify, manage, and control their entire business across financials, sales, customers, and operations. Together, MWA Intelligence and SAP will provide office technology and imaging channel businesses the ability to make smart IT decisions, improve future performance, and achieve long-term success.

About Milner, Inc.

Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, Milner has built on its foundation as a leading specialist in document reproduction equipment and services to become a leader in innovative technology, tailored software and business solutions. In today’s competitive environment, every firm must innovate to survive. Milner’s team of experts offers our clients solutions that rely on the latest technologies, tailored software, and creative processes to enable your business to stay ahead of the competition. Milner doesn’t simply keep abreast of current trends and developments, we set them. We work closely with your firm to understand your goals and objectives, and then think creatively and strategically to help you achieve unique, targeted, cost-efficient results. We are experts at improving and streamlining business operations. It’s time to put Milner to work for you.

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About MWA Intelligence, Inc.

MWA Intelligence Inc. (MWA), an SAP Business One Gold Partner and one of five OEMs worldwide, provides innovative enterprise-class solutions for dealerships to sustain competitive advantages within the imaging channel. MWA FORZA, built on the SAP Business One platform, is a fully streamlined ERP solution centrally focused on delivering maximum efficiency and effectiveness in a vertical market. Having control over all functionality of every business process enables dealerships to have full transparency unparalleled in the marketplace while simultaneously managing vast amounts of data. Designed with open architecture, organizations are allowed to freely seek out opportunistic growth without being hindered by inadequate solutions. MWA FORZA automates daily routine processes so dealerships can focus on making critical business decisions armed with smarter IT capabilities.

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