New AI Software Set to Transform Retail Businesses

MIAMI–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Vision Insight IO has taken the latest computer vision (AI) technology being used in the largest tech companies and turned it into a SaaS marketing platform that is within reach for small business owners. The product takes live stream videos from offices, production plants, retails, schools, or even the street and develops relevant analytics, in real time, about the unpredictable human factor that plays into all consumer marketing. This allows businesses to make decisions and take action, based on reliable data, without waiting hours, days or even weeks for market research and revenue analysis to come in and be dissected. Businesses provide the content to Vision Insight IO through their current or legacy cameras, then Vision Insight IO takes care of the analysis.

Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, facial recognition software was unable to identify people wearing masks accurately and reliably. Since the pandemic, however, that has changed, and masks are no longer a deterrent to analyzing still and live images. In fact, “The US Department of Homeland Security tested facial-recognition technology that it said can accurately identify masked airline passengers 96% of the time.”

By taking emotions and behaviors and being able to break them down into an algorithm turns what used to be a guessing game of human interactions into a predictable chain of events that can be analyzed and drawn on to make marketing decisions. Vision Insight IO views the ability to observe and predict consumer behavior as a prime opportunity for a business to truly know and understand what their customers want and need. When customers feel heard and understood, they stick around.

Presently Vision Insight IO provides two ways of connecting analytic information in a user-friendly platform that makes the results clear, concise, and actionable. Those interested in using Vision Insight IO for their company’s data management and analytics can sign up at or for more information on pricing and platform capabilities you can email at

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