New Desktop Scanners From Kodak Alaris Help Organizations Adopt Digital Workflows and Manage Documents

ROCHESTER, N.Y., June 2—Talk to office workers that are inundated with massive amounts of paper and you’ll hear a consistent set of challenges. They’re desperately seeking a better way to manage documents. They want to work smarter, not harder. And they need to unlock the power of information while saving time and money for their organization to be more successful. 

Meanwhile, most office managers know they would benefit from implementing programs to reduce paper, but few have developed or executed a plan. According to “Winning the Paper Wars,” a study published by AIIM, “On average, respondents feel that driving paper out of the process would improve speed of response to customers, citizens, or staff by a factor of 4x.”

To help realize this potential, Kodak Alaris is releasing an updated line of document scanners that reverse the build-up of paper and make businesses more productive. The new KODAK i2420, i2620 and i2820 Scanners build on the award-winning i2000 Series Scanner platform, adding new features and enhancements that address the challenges faced by users with heavy-duty desktop scanning needs.

Improvements to the new desktop scanners include the ability to read barcodes on scanned pages to provide information to applications and databases. The new models also feature larger input trays and faster scanning speeds. Since its introduction, businesses have embraced the i2000 Scanner line for its combination of productivity and versatility. The outstanding image quality means information is captured clearly for more accurate OCR, and integrated Perfect Page technology corrects image imperfections to minimize the need for rescanning. With the inclusion of KODAK Capture Pro Software Limited Edition, users can test the popular application and upgrade to the full version if they need to address more complex batch scanning requirements.

“Depending on the application, businesses may face different requirements and restrictions on their handling of paper, but the one thing they have in common is the need to control the paper in their organization rather than letting it control them,” said Tony Barbeau, Products & Solutions General Manager & Vice President, Information Management division, Kodak Alaris.

A large insurance company decided recently to face the problem head-on by purchasing thousands of i2000 Series scanners from Kodak Alaris to enable employees across its offices to capture, share, and organize documents for a dramatically more efficient workflow. The i2000 Series, which has received awards from both Buyers Laboratory LLC and, has been cited for its “flawless reliability, excellent media handling, and excellent workflow automation.”

Large operations are not the only ones realizing the benefits of paper-free workflows. Charles Pesce, DDS, runs a dental practice in the small town of Athens, Tennessee, where he provides a full range of general dentistry services. The office’s paperwork was growing quickly—from medical histories and insurance information to paper charts. Traditionally, these documents were kept as hard copies and stored in manila folders, but the practice created electronic patient records and uses the i2420 Scanner from Kodak Alaris to record images and information from insurance cards, Explanation of Benefits (EOB) forms, medical histories, and other documents. The digital solution has significantly reduced paperwork and productivity is going up across the practice.

“The new i2000 Series scanners pack production level capabilities into a small, space saving scanner that fits nicely into any paper-intensive environment,” concluded Barbeau. “Customers depend on us to create robust solutions with excellent image quality, paper handling, and productivity that help them manage the growing volume of paper that creates bottlenecks in their operations. No matter what your business—law office, health care provider, bank, transportation depot, county clerks’ office—our solutions help you manage the information you rely on for success.”

The new KODAK i2000 Series Scanners are available with a U.S. list price from $850 to $1,165. A full range of Service and Support contracts are available to protect your investment and keep productivity at peak levels. For more information, please visit us here.

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