Newgen Software Releases its Cloud Content Management Accelerator on Guidewire Marketplace

NOIDA, India, Jan. 22, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Newgen announced the availability of Newgen’s cutting-edge, Guidewire Cloud-validated accelerators on the Guidewire Marketplace. This exciting collaboration opens a world of possibilities for users of Guidewire ClaimCenter and PolicyCenter on Guidewire Cloud, enhancing their overall experience and efficiency.

Newgen’s robust content services cloud platform is designed to streamline content lifecycle management, ensuring the secure archival of content and fostering real-time collaboration while prioritizing privacy and security. Seamlessly integrated with the Guidewire Cloud Platform, Newgen’s platform establishes a vital link between essential documents and claims data, as well as policy information. This integration simplifies document access and management, further elevating the capabilities of Guidewire’s cloud-based solutions.

With Newgen’s Contextual Content Services Cloud platform, Guidewire customers receive:

  • All benefits of cloud Enterprise Content Management integrated with Guidewire Cloud Platform
  • Greater customer experience
  • Increase in productivity of key resources like underwriting and claims officers
  • Faster turnaround time with easy access to information
  • Enhanced user productivity and better decision-making
  • Increased collaboration among key stakeholders, and
  • Better compliance with regulatory requirements.

“Our platform, recently acknowledged as a Leader in the Forrester Wave Report, Q1 2023, empowers organizations to embark on a holistic digital transformation journey with comprehensive content management capabilities on the cloud,” stated Rajvinder S. Kohli, Senior Vice President of Sales at Newgen. “This partnership between Newgen and Guidewire paves the way for insurers to harness the potential of cloud technology, revamp their conventional workflows, and evolve into customer-centric, digitally enabled, value-focused, and highly efficient enterprises.”

This partnership also represents a significant milestone in delivering enhanced functionality to the insurance industry, providing a seamless and secure experience for users of ClaimCenter and PolicyCenter on Guidewire Cloud. With Newgen’s innovative Ready for Guidewire cloud accelerators now available, insurance professionals can expect improved efficiency and productivity in managing critical documents, ultimately delivering superior service to their clients.

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