Nintex Introduces AI-Powered Automation Capabilities to Improve Organizational Efficiency

BELLEVUE, Wash., March 27, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Nintex, a leader in process intelligence and automation, announced new generative AI-powered product capabilities designed to simplify how customers build and translate content as part of automated workflows. Also new to the platform is Nintex Assistant, an intelligent chatbot that provides customers with just-in-time information based on their natural language questions.  

Nintex has pioneered the use of AI within its automation platform for years, embedding advanced technologies such as computer vision, RPA, natural language processing, and more to speed up core business process automation. Popular Nintex features like the Intelligent PDF Converter in Nintex Automation™ Cloud and the automated Workflow Generator™ which automatically creates a Nintex Workflow from a process map, demonstrate the long-standing commitment to using AI to make it easier for non-technical teams to deploy high-powered automation that unites data, systems, and teams.

The latest features showcase the role of generative AI in powering process automation and making it much easier for customers to design on Nintex Process Platform. It also forms the first release in a series of AI-powered capabilities being added throughout the platform.

Every business is on a mission to eliminate manual, repetitive tasks and streamline organizational processes. Now, our customers can strategically integrate advanced AI technologies into their daily operations through straightforward, practical solutions within the Nintex Process Platform,” said Niranjan Vijayaragavan, chief product officer at Nintex. “For every business, adopting generative AI into its workflow will be an ongoing, staged effort. Automation, fundamentally an AI-driven effort, is essential to deriving value from these generative AI initiatives. It creates the foundation for our customers to leverage generative AI for increased organizational efficiency.”

The new features of the Nintex Process Platform use generative AI to simplify building and managing workflows across a business and include:

  • Form Generator: Expedites the creation of unique, customizable forms from a natural language text box. Applicable in wide variety of use cases including customer support, revenue operations, employee onboarding, and even generic use cases like incident reports, expenses, and time tracking. Available within Nintex Automation Cloud (NAC), the AI-powered form generator exists as an extension of and contributor to automated workflows that connect processes across teams and departments.
  • Form Translator: Alongside Form Generator, Nintex now allows translation into the user’s language of choice to serve global teams and audiences, extending the accessibility and reach of the workflow. With more than 130 available languages, this makes serving a global audience much more efficient by reducing any translation process overhead.
  • Nintex Assistant: Designed to exist within the product and operate as a partner to the Nintex user, the Assistant can respond to natural language questions within the product to provide just-in-time contextual help. Available today within DocGen® for Salesforce, Nintex Assistant will soon be available across the Nintex Process Platform.

To learn more about the new AI capabilities of the Nintex Process Platform, visit:

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