Nintex Study Identifies Broken Administrative Processes that Impact Customer Experience

BELLEVUE, Wash., Feb. 20, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Nintex, the world’s leader in intelligent process automation (IPA), reveals in its latest study the most broken processes in today’s workplaces. Administrative tasks rank among the most pervasive process pain points that haunt corporate America and negatively impact customer relationships.

The “Definitive Guide to Corporate America’s Most Broken Processes” found that 54 percent of employees at U.S. companies with more than 1,000 employees observe broken administrative processes within their organization. Customers often feel the impact of those broken processes first. More than one-third of respondents say their company’s broken processes prevent them completing customer facing tasks like filing new client paperwork, getting contracts signed and approved, and locating said documents.

Activities that can impact the customer experience and identified as a broken process by respondents include:

  • 49 percent cite locating documents
  • 43 percent cite document sharing
  • 34 percent cite systems for identifying and recommending problem fixes on their team
  • 37 percent cite systems for identifying and recommending problem fixes at company level
  • 27 percent cite getting sales contracts signed, negotiated and approved
  • 34 percent cite completing and filing new client paperwork

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“It’s important to provide employees with the tools to do their best work as internal functions reflect outward,” said Nintex Chief Customer Officer Josh Waldo. “For the modern workplace, that often means automating routine processes to eliminate error and minimize time to completion. It may seem like fixing administrative processes only benefits employees, but the impact is felt by the customer as well.”

Waldo adds that as customers often interact with multiple departments like sales, finance, customer support, and marketing, thus increasing collaboration between teams will improve the customer experience. The newest data shows that the when organizations realize the the value of streamlining everyday tasks, they can see a significant rise in customer satisfaction.

The top five most broken processes identified by the Nintex study include:

  1. Technology troubleshooting
  2. Access to tools and documents that enable good job performance
  3. Annual performance reviews
  4. Promotions
  5. Employee onboarding

When companies automate, orchestrate, and optimize everyday administrative and document management processes, they move closer to their vision of a digitally transformed modern workplace.

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