Nintex Unveils Major Enhancements to Nintex Workflow Cloud

BELLEVUE, Wash., April 8, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Nintex, the global standard for process management and automation, announced significant enhancements to its cloud-first process automation solution, Nintex Workflow Cloud, including a market first offering – the ability for customers to quickly and easily create workflows that include robotic process automation (RPA) bots. This new feature within Nintex Workflow Cloud, called Nintex Gateway, provides two-way, drag-and-drop interaction between workflows and bots. In addition, Nintex subscription-based workflow customers now have access to RPA bots included with their current service.

“Nintex Workflow Cloud completes the suite of Nintex tools for New Belgium Brewing. It’s crucial to have a standalone solution for automation to streamline our business,” New Belgium Brewing Business Systems Analyst – IT, Tye Eyden. “We’re excited to see how Nintex continues to enhance and improve Nintex Workflow Cloud.”

With Nintex Gateway, customers utilize bots to achieve end-to-end automation across a much broader set of process scenarios. Process workflows can also delegate tasks to Nintex RPA bots that mimic human keystrokes and mouse clicks to interact with apps, systems, services, and websites through their existing screens and interfaces. This results in less work being assigned back to the user and helps organizations leverage cloud workflow capabilities while protecting their on-premises investments.

“We use Nintex Workflow Cloud to automate and accelerate our core business processes. However, we sometimes need to automate tasks running on desktops or systems that don’t support APIs,” Pacific BPA Solutions Architect, Alex Viera. “These are best handled by RPA bots that mimic human keystrokes and mouse clicks. Now, with Nintex Gateway, we can use Nintex Workflow Cloud to call RPA bots to complete tasks, so the entire process is automated.”

Nintex Workflow Cloud Enhancements Accelerate Configuration, Results & Compliance

Additional new features within Nintex Workflow Cloud released today include easy testing of workflows as they are built. This helps workflow designers get quick feedback to ensure their workflows are correctly configured before they are published. Workflow designers can also activate new “task authentication” features to require the person assigned to execute a task to first log into Nintex Workflow Cloud, ensuring that only authorized users may take that action.

“We’ve invested heavily in Nintex Workflow Cloud to make our independent platform both powerful and easy to use,” said Nintex Chief Technology Officer Alain Gentilhomme. “Nintex Gateway is a significant achievement by our R&D team and additional reinforcement of our commitment to our global community that we will deliver continuous value and ongoing enhancements to our process management and automation platform.”

Ben Stori, Office 365 consultant and Nintex vTE at sdg, added, “Nintex is the leader in digital process automation and is our preferred platform vendor for helping our clients digitally transform their organizations. Now we can do even more in the cloud with workflow automation and robotic process automation on desktops thanks to Nintex.”

Existing Nintex Workflow Enterprise customers will now have full access to attended and unattended RPA bots within their current workflow subscriptions to enhance the value of their automation with Nintex RPA bots. Nintex customers can create and train RPA bots to execute specific automation tasks – called botflows™ – just like they create workflows today with Nintex. This means that Nintex customers can allocate existing workflows towards deploying botflows, providing enormous automation power and licensing flexibility. There is also the option for customers to purchase bots for individual users who do not need to connect to existing workflow processes.

Using Nintex RPA, enterprises easily train bots to quickly and cost-effectively automate routine tasks without the need for coding with an easy-to-use drag and drop interface. Nintex RPA provides more than 300 pre-defined actions that help users quickly create automated tasks within in minutes and require no programming skills.

Nintex RPA Central then helps companies centrally control and orchestrate their workforce of Nintex RPA bots through a simple web interface using enterprise-grade encryption.

Nintex Workflow Cloud, built on Microsoft Azure, is a cloud-first process automation solution and core to the Nintex Process Platform. Today thousands of organizations across every major industry, including banking, government, manufacturing, healthcare and life sciences, leverage the Nintex platform to manage, automate, and optimize enterprise-wide business processes, from simple to sophisticated, using an intuitive design canvas that requires no code. Capabilities included in the platform include: Nintex Promapp®, Nintex Workflow, Nintex RPA, Nintex DocGen® and Nintex Sign™ powered by Adobe Sign, Nintex Forms and mobile apps, and Nintex Analytics.

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