OpenConnect Announces Partnership with Process Analytics Factory

Most process mining examines log files from commercial systems like SAP or Salesforce. Through this partnership, OpenConnect is able to offer a more accurate solution that examines actual work data collected, benefiting desktop, web, packaged applications and mainframe systems.

RPA Task Data — OpenConnect’s WorkiQ collects data from desktop, Citrix or mainframe to provide real-time data about actual tasks workers are performing task by task, click by click. Once this data is collected, PAFnow can consume and analyze it to illustrate actual work across multiple systems without any dark spots. This means customers get a complete picture of processes across their organization, making it clearer which tasks to automate for the most value.

Mainframe Analysis — Companies looking to modernize, migrate or automate mainframe tasks should start with visibility. OpenConnect’s WorkiQ Network Collector can provide insights to activity actually performed on the mainframe from partners, employees or customers. Moving this data to PAFnow provides more accurate insights to process mining and analysis.

“As companies invest in RPA, they have a desperate need for process analytics. Building on our workforce analytics expertise in WorkiQ, partnering with PAFnow is not only timely, but unmatched by competitive process mining solutions. By combining WorkiQ real time task/activity data collection with PAFnow’s process mining and analysis capabilities; customers will be able to identify, prioritize and speed their time to deploy any RPA tool,” says Michael Cupps, Senior Vice President at OpenConnect.

“Today the process mining discipline and PAFnow focus mainly on end-to-end business processes. But what about all the other important, time-consuming business process related tasks during a typical employee’s working day? In our partnership with OpenConnect we want to focus on these activities, enrich the typical business process mining landscape and increase productivity as well as orientation for every employee. With WorkiQ, OpenConnect offers a great platform with valuable data that PAFnow can leverage to make processes n-times better.” says Boris Cordes, Executive Vice President and Chief Business Development Officer at Process Analytics Factory.

These solutions are available immediately and can be demoed by contacting OpenConnect.

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