P3iD Technologies, Inc. Joins TWAIN Working Group Board of Directors

TWAIN Direct is the first zero-footprint, mobile-ready version of TWAIN’s royalty-free open standard protocol. It expedites development of applications accessing scanners, without requiring vendor-specific drivers. TWAIN Direct supports direct communication between desktop or mobile applications and scanning devices and addresses the need for something simple and direct streamlines application development while delivering feature-rich user experience.

TWAIN Direct offers software developers a great opportunity to integrate their applications with cloud services and mobile devices. As a web-services API, TWAIN Direct, unlike TWAIN Classic, presents a whole new set of technical requirements that were not of concern previously, including basic networking concepts such as secure API’s, authentication and encryption. P3iD develops key technologies that address such concerns, and form part of the mission of the company to bring intelligent insight to the TWAIN Working Group through secure, easy and effective document capture.

“A critically important part of establishing a new web services scanner driver specification such as TWAIN Direct is providing the widest range of interoperability.” stated Kevin Neal, CEO of P3iD Technologies, Inc. “Given P3iD’s extensive experience with cybersecurity technologies, and as an enthusiastic advocate of open standards, P3iD will work closely with the TWAIN Working Group to extend the TWAIN Direct specification with a wider range of industry-standard enterprise authentication capabilities.”

“Developing the TWAIN Direct specification for the greatest appeal to software developers has always been a goal of the TWAIN Working Group” said, Joseph Odore, TWAIN Working Group Chairperson. “With the addition of P3iD as a Board Member, we can offer developers the best in security and authentication options as part of the TWAIN Direct standard through P3iD’s development contributions. We are very excited to have P3iD Technologies as a new Board Member company.”

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