Paperless Productivity Acquires WiseCLAIM, Expands Presence in Healthcare Claims Automation Niche

SEATTLE, April 4, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Paperless Productivity®, a leading workflow automation consultancy and systems integrator, has announced its acquisition of the WiseCLAIM platform from WiseTREND, a long-time partner based in Silicon Valley, California. 

WiseCLAIM was developed in response to the continued prevalence of paper CMS claims forms among healthcare payers, Third Party Administrators (TPAs), and billing services. By automating data extraction from CMS/HCFA/UB forms, it has become an integral tool for mid-market and large firms in the health insurance space, all while garnering numerous industry awards. 

“So many organizations are still buried in CMS-1500 forms, UB-04 forms, and all sorts of other manual data entry. It affects the provider and the payer’s revenue cycles, and ultimately affects care on some level,” says Shamel Naguib, President of Paperless Productivity. “WiseCLAIM excites us because no tool is simpler or more powerful at solving those problems. It makes innovative use of best-of-breed OCR technology from ABBYY along with a decade-long track record of solving tough, real-life problems quickly and with a compelling return on investment (ROI). For years our clients have relied on this very technology to solve their data entry issues from CMS claim forms; the interest and adoption have been very high and rapid, and now we are adding significant research and development by implementing our clients’ feature requests.” 

According to Mr. Naguib, the acquisition represents a long-term commitment to streamlining one of the industry’s most onerous processes. In conjunction with the rest of Paperless Productivity’s solutions portfolio, clients will also find it easier to maximize ROI through easier data integration with other workflows, adjudication software, and document management solutions.  

Commenting on the acquisition, Ilya Evdokimov, WiseTREND’s Principal Engineer and lead developer of WiseCLAIM, states, “Through years of partnership, Paperless has shown immense healthcare business expertise that makes them our go-to team in that space. They’ve implemented WiseCLAIM more than anyone, and in doing so, highlighted critical automation goals that we then built directly into this tool.” 

On a technical note, WiseCLAIM was recently updated to accommodate CMS-1500 form changes, including support for ICD-10 codes. These updates also ensure full alignment with the EDI 837 transaction set, a digital counterpart to the CMS-1500 form. Behind the scenes, the latest release of WiseCLAIM also introduces key technical features for resource monitoring, exception handling, and workflow integration. 

About Paperless Productivity  
With deep roots in workflow consulting and healthcare document and data capture automation, Paperless Productivity specializes in eliminating paper documents and automating data entry workflows. Through a combination of OCR solutions, Cloud Fax, and RightFax fax server technology, Paperless consultants deliver scalable industry-specific solutions for clients in healthcare, insurance, consumer finance, high- and low-tech manufacturing, government, and for other consultancy firms. 

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