Quadient Invests in Artificial Intelligence Capabilities Leveraging Microsoft Azure AI Services to Power up its Cloud Platform

Quadient (Euronext Paris: QDT), a leader in helping businesses create meaningful customer connections through digital and physical channels, announces the integration of its Intelligent Communication Automation (ICA) platform with Microsoft Azure AI, a portfolio of artificial intelligence (AI) services designed for developers and data scientists backed by a secure environment and responsible AI principles. The integration of generative AI into Quadient’s cloud platform will further contribute to transforming the way organizations engage with their customers. 

As an established leader in the areas of customer experience management and financial automation, Quadient has been recognized by independent industry analysts, including Gartner, for its use of advanced AI integrated into its ICA solutions for several years. Quadient now reaffirms its commitment to innovation with another strategic enhancement to its software solutions. Leveraging Microsoft Azure AI, including Azure OpenAI Service, Quadient software solutions will empower customers with enhanced features that range from measuring content readability, similarity and sentiment, to generating contextual content summaries and streamlining content creation and communication management in a secure environment with privacy controls.

“The integration with Microsoft Azure AI marks a significant milestone in Quadient’s strategy, allowing us to experiment, evolve and create interactive experiences that set the stage for the future of customer interactions and communications,” said Chris Hartigan, chief solution officer, Intelligent Communication Automation, Quadient. “Extending beyond technology integration, we empower organizations to deliver personalized and contextually relevant messages more efficiently. Building on our deep expertise and proven history of delivering world-class communication and process automation solutions, we aim to continue driving innovation in the market. Combining our cloud-based platform with Microsoft Azure AI’s advanced technologies and security will revolutionize how businesses engage with customers.”

By integrating AI and machine learning into its Intelligent Communication Automation solutions for several years now, Quadient has been empowering users to create highly accurate, relevant, and personalized communications, leading to improved customer experiences. Quadient’s software customer base stands to benefit greatly from this new evolution. Integrating Microsoft’s generative AI and content intelligence technology further elevates the platform performance, allowing users to efficiently analyze, summarize and prioritize data, run content similarity scenarios to consolidate and organize documents such as forms, policies or contracts, or securely generate customer-facing content in a trusted environment. Quadient’s commitment to data protection is enforced by Microsoft Azure AI’s infrastructure, ensuring privacy and confidentiality for customers and partners.  

“With generative AI technologies, we are unlocking new efficiencies for businesses across industries, profoundly changing how work is done. Integrating new technologies is essential to helping enterprises accelerate their AI journey,” said Lenka Nováková, Enterprise Commercial Lead CZ/SK Microsoft. “We’re thrilled to see Quadient, a leader in business communication automation and customer experience management, adopting our AI services within their portfolio and help them take their AI-powered business communication solutions to the next level in a trusted, secure environment for its customers.”

Users of Quadient Accounts Receivable and Customer Experience Management solutions will be the first to benefit from new generative AI capabilities, available in the coming months. For further details on how Quadient solutions help create exceptional customer experiences, please visit www.quadient.com.