Reveille Software Achieves ECM Excellence: Reveille 10 Upgrade Elevates ECM and RPA Performance and Efficiency

Roswell, GA – December 12, 2023 – Reveille Software (Reveille), the leading solution for managing and monitoring business-critical Intelligent Automation solutions leveraging Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems, announced the release of its highly-anticipated Reveille 10 update. The new enhancements redefine ECM operations with PostgreSQL Open Source Database Support, Hyland OnBase RESTful Application Management, and JIRA Issue Tracking Integration—reconfirming Reveille 10 is the best-fit solution for ECM and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) operating teams delivering intelligent automation solutions.

Reveille 10 ensures the best customer experience for business-critical applications dependent on ECM platforms. This release bridges the management gap for organizations with expanding intelligent automation programs, providing ECM operations visibility, and accelerating automated issue recovery processes. The Reveille 10 update introduces a range of compelling features such as:

·  PostgreSQL Open Source Database Support: With native support for the PostgreSQL open source object-relational database system, commonly favored in cloud hypervisor environments, Reveille 10 significantly lowers ongoing support costs and offers enhanced flexibility in database options.

·  Hyland OnBase RESTful Application Management: This enhancement extends its application management capabilities to encompass Hyland OnBase RESTful-based applications. It provides comprehensive support for modern-day OnBase web applications, ensuring a seamless user experience.

·  JIRA Issue Tracking Integration: Reveille 10 seamlessly integrates with JIRA issue tracking software, streamlining agile development processes. This integration offers a seamless interface for issue tracking, enhancing collaboration and efficiency in managing software projects.

“The new Reveille capabilities further eliminate ECM and RPA manual operating data gathering and observation, deliver expanded ECM management information, and reduce ECM operating risk—by providing a focused ECM management experience,” said Brian DeWyer, CTO and co-founder of Reveille.

Reveille 10 offers comprehensive benefits that collectively transform ECM operations. It promotes cost efficiency by introducing PostgreSQL support, reducing ongoing support costs, and providing a flexible database alternative for substantial savings. Additionally, Reveille 10 expands application management to cover a growing list of Hyland OnBase RESTful-based and custom applications while introducing new Web Test capabilities. These enhancements streamline operations, eliminate manual data gathering, deliver extensive ECM management insights, and reduce ECM operating risks. As a result, intelligent automation teams can expect an improved ECM operational experience enriched with valuable context.

Reveille software updates are seamlessly included as part of the Reveille subscription or software maintenance, ensuring that existing customers can harness the full power of Reveille 10 without additional costs. The Reveille 10 Upgrade will be available on December 12, 2023.