Ricoh Awarded Patent for Remote Data Collection Solution Remlox

MALVERN, Pa., Aug. 13, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Ricoh today announced it has been awarded a patent for its unique solution for remotely collecting electronically stored information for the computer forensics and eDiscovery process, protecting the competitive advantage of customers who choose the solution.

The solution, called Remlox™ (US Patent No. 9,087,207 B2 for Obtaining Complete Forensic Images of Electronic Storage Media), is a unique remote collection tool specifically designed to reduce the cost and time of gathering email and other electronically stored information from litigants’ workstations, resulting in a full forensic image which can be used for litigation holds/preservation, forensic analysis and other eDiscovery requirements.

“Deadlines for preserving and often producing electronically stored information are tight and rigorous,” said David Greetham, Vice President, eDiscovery Operations, Ricoh Legal and inventor of Remlox. “The decision to forensically collect ESI often happens quickly which can allow little time for planning.  Previously, this part of eDiscovery required expensive short notice travel and on-site service by computer forensic experts. Remlox however, streamlines the process with same day deployment, providing the ability to forensically collect relevant information quickly, defensibly, and efficiently, while negating the logistical challenges often associated with onsite forensic acquisitions.”

Remlox is deployed from Ricoh’s forensics lab, which was the first private computer forensics lab to be accredited by the American Society of Crime Laboratory Directors/Lab Accreditation Board. Remlox has been deployed in 37 countries and data collected by Remlox has been accepted as admissible evidence in a range of matters for clients in response to U.S. Department of Justice and Securities & Exchange Commission requests.

Remlox is available through Ricoh’s full suite of computer forensics and eDiscovery services, including forensic analysis, discovery consulting, early case assessment, processing, and hosting and review. Ricoh’s proven approach to eDiscovery balances the benefits of the latest technology with people and processes – providing tools and expertise to help customers quickly and efficiently identify critical information.

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