Ricoh Gives Customers New Tools for Quickly Creating Powerful Information Workflows

Malvern, PA, September 15, 2014 – Ricoh Americas Corporation today announced it has expanded its information mobility offerings with advanced solutions that optimize customer engagement and help make information work for customers through mobile information capture and business process optimization.

The new solutions, Kofax Mobile Capture Platform and Kofax TotalAgility, simplify development of smart process applications that quickly and easily link customer-facing systems of engagement – such as fax machines, email, scanners, multifunction products, smart phones, MS Office software and more – with systems of record – such as ERP, ECM, CRM and other line-of-business applications. These smart process applications capture business information in myriad forms, manage intricate business processes, integrate disparate data streams and enable easy analysis of user activity without requiring modification of enterprise applications.

For example, a company could use the Kofax Mobile Capture Platform to quickly enable 10,000 traveling sales representatives to capture information on their expense receipts by photographing them with their iOS and Android smartphones. Each image capture would initiate an automated accounts payable process, coordinated by Kofax TotalAgility that updates the company’s enterprise accounting systems and archives the image, ultimately reimbursing the salespeople for aggregated travel and expenses. 

In the same scenario, analytics tools available in Kofax TotalAgility would let managers analyze large volumes of travel and expense data by virtually any conceivable dimension, including employee name, time period, state or flight distance/cost. Kofax solutions can orchestrate thousands of similar processes across disparate business activities, capture technologies, systems of record and vertical industries.

“Ricoh’s leadership in information mobility, combined with its experience in designing and implementing advanced solutions for this new world of work, sets the company apart,” said Rory Byrne, Senior Vice President of OEM & Partner Strategy at Kofax. “By expanding its offerings to include the Kofax TotalAgility platform, incorporating analytics and mobile capture capabilities, Ricoh is well-positioned to deliver tremendous benefits to its customers, transforming and enhancing the information-intensive First Mile of business processes.”

Since 2003, Ricoh and Kofax have been providing solutions to hundreds of companies in North America, including the Miami Marlins Major League Baseball team and Tenaska, Inc., one of the largest private, independent energy companies in the U.S. Smart process applications have significantly streamlined the Marlins’ accounts payable workflow, and accelerated Tenaska’s trade confirmation processing and enterprise scanning capabilities.

“Kofax solutions are among the many innovative options we offer to help our customers solve their most important business problems,” said Matt Sakauchi, Vice President, Technology Marketing, Ricoh Americas Corporation. “Our partnership with Kofax helps our customers capture, transform and manage information, enabling quick and informed decisions throughout the customer’s enterprise, resulting in significantly improved performance.”

Ricoh is one of Kofax’s leading channel partners with broad coverage domestically and globally. It recently earned the 2014 Transform Award for Global Partner of the Year from Kofax. 

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