RICOH Intelligent Delivery Services Powers the Mail Center

MALVERN, Pa., Jan. 18, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Ricoh USA, Inc. today announced the launch of its latest innovation in mail distribution, RICOH Intelligent Delivery Services. This new suite of services “unifies the inbox” by revolutionizing the way mail is handled and delivered. This is achieved by digitizing incoming mail, enabling recipients to leverage electronic communications to determine how they receive the mail they want, or reject unwanted mail. The patent-pending RICOH Intelligent Delivery Services also empowers businesses, such as large enterprises and healthcare organizations, to reduce costs from delivering undesired mail, measure the impact of return mail, and boost speed and efficiency by funneling relevant mail pieces to employees in their preferred format.

The process of inbound mail delivery and return mail has seen little change in the past century. Yet, despite this lack of change, mail costs have spiked by 40 percent.* Most processes in place today leave significant room for inefficiencies and inaccuracies. These existing processes provide few means for mail retrieval by mobile and remote workers, which are increasingly common in the new world of work.  

With RICOH Intelligent Delivery Services, businesses are able to leverage Ricoh’s strength around information mobility – the ability to capture, transform and manage information, to find new routes to cost savings and overall operational efficiency. This is done through the digitization of traditional mail, such as transactional and correspondence pieces. RICOH Intelligent Delivery Services is continuously learning, enabling it to act on frequent behaviors, such as a user always disposing of postcards from a certain sender, or a legal department’s preference to always physically receive large mail pieces. Analytics can also be designed to further enable smarter business decisions with real insights around how mail moves through an organization.

“Even in our increasingly digitized world, mail remains an important aspect of the way we share and act on information,” said Mona Abutaleb, Senior Vice President of Services for Ricoh USA, Inc. and CEO of mindSHIFT Technologies, Inc., a Ricoh Company. “However, delivering physical mail in business and campus environments can be cumbersome and expensive. RICOH Intelligent Delivery Services addresses those challenges by making receiving mail – and leveraging the information inside it – a quick, seamless and flexible process.”

RICOH Intelligent Delivery Services enables the centralization of incoming communications, helping recipients ultimately become more productive, further streamlining the sharing of information and driving productivity. When new mail arrives, recipients are proactively notified via email. Using the RICOH Intelligent Delivery Services portal, they choose their desired delivery options. These decisions can be made from any internet accessible device, enabling mobile and remote workers, along with those in a “hoteling” environment, to get mail they may have otherwise missed. This aspect also benefits workers who often work from multiple office sites within disparate, and even international, organizations.