Ringover Launches Cadence to Transform Multi-Channel Prospecting for SMEs

VoIP provider Ringover has announced the launch of Cadence, its new multi-channel sales prospecting product designed to meet the requirements of SMEs. The product, which adds to Ringover’s portfolio of call optimizing and productivity enhancement software, enables sales representatives to carry out multi-channel prospecting with intuitive, easy-to-follow workflows that help them convert more sales.

Prospecting is an important part of any business sales strategy. But it’s not always deemed the easiest of tasks, with research from HubSpot showing that 40 per cent of sales representatives say prospecting is the most challenging part of their jobs.

Even when a prospect is finally contacted, converting this call into a closed sale proves a further challenge — with more than 80 per cent of prospects requiring five follow-up calls after the initial contact.

As customers like to be contacted via a growing number of communication channels, such as social media and emails, the difficulty lies in managing the sales process and agents constantly need eyes across multiple channels. To respond to this major challenge, Ringover has launched a new module called Cadence.

Using a unique and intuitive interface, Cadence automates the multi-channel prospecting process from end-to-end. The tool allows sales representatives to automate their workflows and create customizable sequence models, including phone calls, SMS, emails and LinkedIn messages, which can be adapted to each prospect type. This involves inputting prospect information and scheduling what method of communication will be used to contact them, and at what time. This simple, yet effective, method can significantly improve the outcome of prospecting.

“With Cadence, sales directors can rest assured that all prospects, incoming or outgoing, are handled in the same way and at the same pace, by the entire sales team. Using software to automate prospecting is a key factor contributing to the development and optimization of sales activities.

“By guiding agents through their work and identifying what they need to do to convert prospects, Cadence saves time allowing agents to focus more on the relationship with their prospects, without being consumed by administrative tasks,” explained Renaud Charvet, CEO and co-founder of Ringover.

Unleashing the full potential of sales team performances, Cadence has been designed for sales teams by sales teams. So, it’s only natural that the tool directly targets the three pillars of an effective sales strategy: facilitating the work, optimizing the prospecting process, and steering team performances. With this launch, Ringover wants agents to regain power over the challenging, but crucial, activity of sales prospecting.

“At Ringover, we value and capitalize on the feedback our clients send us on their experience. With this goal in mind, we want to offer them the best tools that can meet their expectations and tackle the various challenges they encounter. With the launch of this new module, Ringover is putting the power in sales agents’ hands to make this essential aspect of their work less challenging,” concluded Ludovic Rateau, CTO of Ringover.

“To unlock their performance potential, the key is to optimize and simplify the entire process, which is what Cadence offers with its one-stop solution.”