SalesChain Version 8.3 Update Loaded with New Features

[Southbury, CT] – Business automation software provider SalesChain released version 8.3 of their platform this Sunday, February 19, 2023. One of the largest in SalesChain’s history, this release brings an industry leading used equipment desk, interface updates, Microsoft SSO Compatibility, and more.

SalesChain has also created a new utility that enables dealers to manage and publish a catalog with pricing details of their used equipment inventory via our direct integration to e-Automate. This new module grants sales reps the ability to “Sign Out” used equipment and provide “Time to Sell” parameters. One click of the new “Add Used Equipment to Proposal” button makes it easy for sales teams to sell used equipment.

SalesChain has made extensive updates to its user interface. Say goodbye to yellow screens! SalesChain’s team has updated the interface for: contact entry forms, task and task action entry forms, note entry forms, and email dialogues.

SalesChain has created a utility for the sales rep assignments stored within SalesChain to be synchronized or pushed to their corresponding e-Automate customer records. This optional feature is now available as a part of SalesChain’s nightly integration.

This update also includes new API integration with Microsoft Azure Single Sign On, e-Automate integration enhancements, IT and Manages Service Commissions, and other enhancements, fixes, and tweaks.