Second Annual Square 9 Encompass End User & Reseller Conference a Success

NEW HAVEN, CONN., October 17, 2016 – With over 300 international Resellers and end users in attendance, developer of award-winning business process automation solutions, Square 9 Softworks, closes out another hugely successful Encompass Conference.

Held in Clearwater Beach, FL, Encompass 2016 provided attendees with the opportunity to better understand the direction of ECM technology through exclusive product strategies designed to bring their organizations to the next level.

Among the most highly anticipated sessions of the conference, the Square 9 Community Success Stories presentation gathered the highest attendance, as real Square 9 end users and Resellers took to the stage to discuss their successes and strategies implementing Square 9’s solutions.

Matt Danyliw, Chief Operating Officer of Workscapes Inc., shared his experiences with the GlobalSearch® Enterprise Content Management software, and how his company has seen exponential growth by leveraging the product.

“I have never questioned my decision to go with GlobalSearch from Square 9 Softworks,” said Danyliw. “Not only is the product robust and support immediate, but seeing the visual representation of a workflow is a game changer. Documents can go in many different directions but with Square 9’s GlobalAction® you have the ability to see which ways it can move and what it takes to get there, to help manage your processes with top efficiency.”

Michael Thomas, ECM Manager of Konica Minolta, also took the stage to share the success Konica Minolta has experienced since partnering with Square 9. “Closing ECM deals used to be much more complicated than they needed to be,” Thomas explained. “But with Square 9 we can do projects in a few days and gain those customers instead of losing them. There was so much immediate opportunity in partnering with Square 9 and working together has completely opened up the platform for us.”

Throughout the three-day conference, attendees were able to share ideas and pain points with President & CEO, Stephen Young and CTO Brian Banet in a product strategy session to brainstorm innovative solutions for the upcoming year. “Encompass was very insightful,” said Doug Murphy, Software Solutions Analyst at Carolina Office Systems. “Not only did I learn a lot but it shows the commitment Square 9 and the employees have to its vendors and customers.”

“It was very constructive and provided a great platform for us to collaborate with everyone and share ideas,” said Amy Gohl, Technology Solutions Specialist at JD Young.

Beyond education and networking, the Square 9 Reseller and Customer community celebrated with an award ceremony and dinner where Resellers were recognized for their outstanding achievements.
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