ServiceNow’s Knowledge 2020 Launches, Focusing on New Era of Employee and Customer Workflow Experiences

SANTA CLARA, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–ServiceNow (NYSE: NOW), the leading digital workflow company that makes work, work better for people, today launched the Knowledge 2020 Digital Experience, the company’s largest Knowledge ever, for its customers, partners and developer community. Knowledge 2020 focuses on the power of ServiceNow’s workflows to accelerate digital transformation, delivering a new era of employee and customer experiences required in a post-COVID world.

“The unprecedented environment we all find ourselves in is showing C-suite business leaders worldwide that work can be done well anywhere, anytime,” said ServiceNow CEO Bill McDermott. “When employees have flexible, agile, modern workflows to do their jobs when, where and how they need to, productivity doesn’t drop, it increases. Engagement improves. Work gets better.

“Likewise, companies see the need for new ways to engage customers and drive fierce loyalty,” McDermott said. “For employees and customers, it’s all about managing great workflows. Because behind every great experience is a great workflow. That’s the power of the Now Platform, enabling the workflows that deliver the employee and customer experiences everyone wants.”

Knowledge 2020 features keynotes on ServiceNow’s IT, Employee and Customer Service workflow products and the Now Platform. With a single data model and architecture, the Now Platform enables organizations to manage complex workflows across systems and functions, and quickly adapt to unexpected needs such as work from home, managing employee furloughs or doing fast hiring and on-boarding. The Now Platform app engine lets organizations quickly create their own custom workflows.

Keynotes include customer examples from companies such as Lowe’s, Delta and American Express Global Business Travel, demonstrating how they are using ServiceNow to create great experiences and unlock productivity. Also featured is the Washington State Department of Health, which used the Now Platform to create a COVID emergency operations app. The app is one of four COVID response apps that ServiceNow is providing at no charge to customers worldwide; the apps have been installed more than 5,000 times.

Knowledge 2020 Digital Experience reimagines ServiceNow’s originally planned in-person event in Orlando, Fla. Knowledge 2020 includes more than 400 hours of content and experiences across six weeks of digital programming beginning May 5. All content was produced in work-from-home environments by the ServiceNow community. Knowledge 2020 Digital Experience delivers the insights needed to help organizations accelerate their digital transformation and deliver the modern experiences that matter most for employees and customers.

As companies transition from traditional workplaces to everyone “work-from-home” to employees can choose to “work from anywhere,” the need for robust enterprise digital workflows is greater than ever. ServiceNow sees how customers who are farther along in their digital transformation are better equipped to manage these rapidly evolving employee and workplace experiences.

“ServiceNow not only delivers organizations solutions to safely manage the return to company workplaces, but also enables the modern enterprise workflows required to create new ways of working. We’re not just helping companies reopen for work, we’re helping our customers reimagine how works gets done,” McDermott said.

For many employees, the traditional office and desktop workspace will become a pre-COVID artifact. For these employees, their workplace is wherever they want or need it to be, on whatever screen and digital device they prefer, desktop, laptop or mobile. Employees will replace their assigned cubicle with their personal choice, deciding for themselves when, where and how they want to work and stay productive.

This agile, more distributed “anywhere, anytime” workplace of the future will transform how companies operate. Managing complex workflows will be critical to providing employees the services and experiences needed to do their jobs seamlessly and efficiently. Examples include:

  • Making it easy to accomplish routine business tasks and processes digitally, regardless of where the employee is physically located.
  • Seamlessly managing any employee lifecycle event, including on-boarding, transfers, leaves of absence, furloughs and off-boarding.
  • Frequent and targeted employee communications by location, function or level to their preferred screen, such as a desktop and laptop browser or native mobile interface.
  • Monitoring and managing office space density to ensure the health and safety of employees and visitors. Workplace services is more important than ever.
  • Providing easy monitoring and reporting tools when health concerns occur, ensuring companies and employees can keep everyone safe.

ServiceNow’s comprehensive Employee Workflow products enable these and other experiences. Today, ServiceNow announced the expansion of its Employee Workflow capabilities into enterprise workplace services and legal departments. These capabilities will help customers enhance productivity and manage return to workplace efforts during the COVID-19 pandemic. The company also announced it will be releasing Employee Workflow Content Packs to help organizations navigate return to company workplaces, return to work after furlough and mass onboarding.

ServiceNow signed an agreement to acquire the 4Facility assets of App4Mation, a ServiceNow application and implementation services partner, that will strengthen the company’s soon-to-be-released Workplace Service Delivery product.

Participating in Knowledge 2020

To learn about ServiceNow’s employee workflows and more, visit the Knowledge 2020 Digital Experience. Registration and participation are free. Each week through mid-June, new sessions, channels and content will be made available. Each workflow will have a dedicated channel with keynotes, breakouts, demos and live labs. Register and build your personalized agenda for the free digital experience here.

ServiceNow CEO Bill McDermott will deliver a Knowledge 2020 keynote presentation on June 3. He will be joined by ServiceNow Chief Product Officer CJ Desai and Global Head of Design Amy Lokey. Their keynotes, featuring customer examples, will provide deeper insight into ServiceNow’s purpose to make the world of work, work better for people and into the company’s product and innovation road map.

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