SOCSoter Makes Critical Cyber Notifications Easier with Datto’s Autotask

Hagerstown, MD – Tuesday, October 11, 2022 — SOCSoter strives to bring the most advanced threat detection and response platform to SMBs with innovative enhancements and relevant solutions. It is now changing the game by welcoming a faster and more effective response to critical alerts, major incidents, and urgent cyber service requests by integrating a new automated API that creates bi-directional ticket sharing across platforms. Making it easier and faster for partners to manage their customers critical escalations and ensure systems are safe from cyber-attacks. Datto’s Autotask Professional Services Automation (PSA) is a powerful and intuitive cloud-based PSA joining SOCSoter’s fleet of service integrations. With an automated process, MSP managers can specify how they would like to receive SOC notifications about critical events by making personalized escalations decisions. This can include escalation instructions for groups of devices, services, time of day, day of the week and the escalation paths of who they want notified and how they want to be notified. From default escalation paths to customized ticket generation into critical queues Partners can add any internal Autotask queues and generate escalation trees to the SOCSoter escalation system to ensure when malicious activity happens it gets stopped. 

Tickets now integrate seamlessly within Autotask and are sent to the appropriate technicians according to the built-in shift and duty schedule programmed by the MSP Manager. Integrating with Autotask creates a minimal link from SOCSoter’s ticketing system to Autotask’s ticketing system giving partners the ability to customize escalations based off the service groups created. 

SOCSoter’s comprehensive cybersecurity platform provides a complete view and critical warning system for the small business network, cloud infrastructure, and individual endpoints. The addition of Autotask gives partners the ability to integrate into their normal work processes and ensure critical cyber alerts are addressed accordingly and timely.