Square 9 Announces New Release of GlobalSearch C2, Cloud Hosted Enterprise Content Management

NEW HAVEN, CONN., April 24, 2018 – New Haven based Square 9 Softworks, Inc., announced today the new release of GlobalSearch C2, a secure and compliant cloud hosted Enterprise Content Management (ECM) platform. GlobalSearch C2 is designed to capture and control business critical information in a variety of formats, providing users with enhanced access to shared content. Delivering secure document storage through the cloud, this release represents significant improvements to the configuration, management and maintenance of ECM services. 

GlobalSearch C2 protects the confidentiality, integrity and availability of business data in the cloud by providing a highly durable infrastructure that delivers 99.999999999% durability and 99.99% availability.

A unique differentiator packaged into GlobalSearch C2 is a simplified platform for setup and search creation. This simple wizard style Solutions Builder allows users to quickly create document repositories, or pre-populate exclusive, departmental-focused database components.

GlobalSearch C2 presents additional value for managing business documents and information directly from the multifunction printer. At the touch panel of the MFP, users can pre-process documents with tools like text searchable PDF creation, automated separation, and data extraction, before safely releasing to the cloud.

“The new release of GlobalSearch C2 presents enormous opportunity for Square 9’s channel of Resellers as we are providing a simplified solution that is easily delivered, provides a recurring revenue stream and enhances the value of their hardware offering,” stated Ethan Voltolini, Director of Marketing at Square 9. “At the same time, we’ve developed a solution for our End User community that increases office productivity, eliminates unwanted technology infrastructures and is an affordable option with a quick return on investment.”

GlobalSearch C2 will be released to the Square 9 Reseller community on April 25, 2018.