Square 9 Releases GlobalSearch 4.5.2

NEW HAVEN, CONN., August 14, 2018 – Square 9 Softworks, a leading provider of award-winning process automation solutions, has announced the latest release of its Enterprise Content Management software, GlobalSearch 4.5.2. Slated as a summer maintenance release, several new feature enhancements have been added to the software to excite both the reseller and user communities. This includes native 64-bit support for the desktop client, new data mining tools in the browser, and a new QuickStart configuration feature for rapid product deployments and configuration.

The biggest change in the GlobalSearch 4.5.2 release is the new QuickStart rapid configuration tool. This feature provides the user community with pre-designed application templates which can be easily loaded during or after the installation process. Leveraging proven solutions for both vertical and horizontal business applications, the QuickStart templates allow Square 9 solution providers to reduce the time of delivery by up to 90% and the total cost of ownership by as much as 50%. QuickStart includes templates for Accounts Payable Processing and Human Resources Management, which are now available for on-premise deployments with the release of GlobalSearch 4.5.2.

“The market is asking solutions providers to simplify their approach to product delivery and QuickStart takes on this need directly,” stated Square 9 President, Stephen Young. “Our user community is more interested in benefiting from industry best practices than starting with a blank canvas when it comes to solution design. That’s the entire premise behind QuickStart.” Young added.

Additional features include a new “find to file” feature within the document viewer which allows users to quickly locate information anywhere in a document. This feature augments and extends content-based search functions native to the product and includes jumping to next/previous matches across a document. Collectively, these features enhance a user’s ability to rapidly mine data from their records or to perform discovery on a given set of documents.

While already 64-bit compatible, GlobalSearch 4.5.2 now supports native 64-bit architecture, which impacts both the GlobalSearch API and desktop client applications. This allows users to fully leverage the power of 64-bit operating systems through both increased performance and stability, especially when performing memory intensive operations. This update to the desktop client demonstrates Square 9’s continued commitment to its user community who have embraced its desktop version of GlobalSearch.

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