Square 9 Rolls Out New Features to Improve Web-Enablement for SmartSearch ECM

robert palmerby Robert Palmer | 7/20/15

On July 8, Square 9 Softworks announced the release of SmartSearch 4.2, the latest version of its Enterprise Content Management (ECM) suite that includes new features to improve productivity via the web. The new version offers a range of advancements for browser-based functionality, including web-enabled enhancements to both SmartSearch and GlobalSearch. Square 9 says that the new capabilities are in direct response to the rising international business economy and increased demand for mobile flexibility.

There are several advanced features introduced with SmartSearch 4.2. One of the more interesting is KeyFree Indexing for GlobalSearch. This capability improves document indexing and data capture capabilities by allowing data extraction with one click through the browser. Along with making capture simpler and more efficient, KeyFree Indexing reduces the risk for errors that might be incurred during manual data entry.

The latest version of SmartSearch also now includes a Web-Based User Administration feature, which is basically a web-based interface that allows System Administrators to set and edit user permissions for those with access to SmartSearch and GlobalSearch. In addition, the new interface makes it easier for administrators to allow non-network users access to content maintained in the system.

The new Web-Based Batch Manager allows users to monitor captured documents in transit and easily filter by status, ID, name, or date range. The Batch Manager provides reporting on the results of OCR extracted data, which can now be validated through the browser. In addition, new performance reporting can graph document capture metrics to better optimize process performance.

With SmartSearch 4.2, Built-In Equipment Integration permits full capture-and-retrieval support from the front panel of certain MFPs. This will allow users to simplify workflow automation by integrating the software with document capture directly at the multifunction device. The software supports MFPs from Konica Minolta, Toshiba, and OKI.

Along with these capabilities, SmartSearch version 4.2 now provides support for Spanish, French, and Portuguese languages, as well as new capture and workflow solutions for various vertical applications.

For more on the latest announcement from Square 9, see press release here.

Our Take

Web-based capture continues to gain momentum with businesses of all types and sizes based on the ability to improve efficiencies, reduce costs, and provide for better and quicker access to information. Moving from a centralized or distributed capture model to one that provides user-level access to content while automating the process of extracting and sharing document data is rapidly taking hold. 

Square 9 is among those companies on the leading edge of web-based capture technology. The firm’s SmartSearch ECM solution is well recognized for its cross-platform support and broad functionality in areas such as document management, capture, and workflow. With the launch of SmartSearch 4.2, the firm has taken many features previously available through its LAN client version and ported that functionality to the web-based platform.

A couple of areas that set Square 9 apart from its competitors is its open technology stack and the fact that it has standardized on the RESTful API client. This allows Square 9 to integrate its capture solutions into popular document management systems, such as DocuSign, Salesforce, QuickBooks, Dropbox, and Outlook Exchange, among many others. Square 9 has also nurtured strong technology partnerships with many hard copy vendors to provide touch-panel integration at the multifunction device. Integrating with specific business applications and platforms allows Square 9 customers to more easily streamline document-centric processes.  


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