Square 9 Softworks Announces GlobalCapture 2.3 Release

This new release advances upon the integration of GlobalCapture and GlobalForms. Users will now see a uniform interface while utilizing GlobalCapture, GlobalSearch, and GlobalForms to view documents and create workflows. We’ve also made improvements to GlobalForms, to help users create better looking, user-friendly forms with an easier-to-use approach. Users can update multiple elements of their forms in one single step, edit layouts and text, incorporate form fillable PDF fields, easily add, delete, or replace pages, and much more.

Users will find the improved functionality saves them time when they transform data with GlobalCapture 2.3. The updated release also includes a new simplified, PDF Snapshot option for rapid forms deployment and downloadable custom workflow nodes to extend the use of your solution easily. With the new custom workflow nodes option, Square 9 development partners can now create, share, and sell their own unique workflow nodes to extend their professional services practice.

“Our goal with this release was to add features that improve extensibility and simplify administration and maintenance for processes transforming the documents we use every day,” stated Brian Banet, Square 9’s Chief Technology Officer. “We focused this release on ways to make automation and administration easier, with more flexibility and more convenience so users can get things done in less time.”

With the release of GlobalCapture Highlander 2.3, Square 9 remains committed to user feedback, demonstrating their continued commitment to customer innovation. For more information, please visit https://info.square-9.com/globalcapture_2.3.

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