Square 9 Softworks Announces Summer Release SmartSearch 4.4 with GlobalCapture

NEW HAVEN, CONN., August 2, 2016 – Leading developer of award-winning Business Process Management solutions, Square 9 Softworks today announced the Summer Release of SmartSearch 4.4 with the spotlight on their new Enterprise Capture Automation engine, GlobalCapture.

This release represents a significant upgrade to Square 9’s Capture Workflow platform, delivering a powerful new dimension to their GlobalSuite of products. The addition of GlobalCapture, immediately thrusts Square 9 fully into the Enterprise Capture Automation space by offering a fresh alternative to businesses looking to transform their documents into high value data. The development of SmartSearch 4.4 with GlobalCapture, pairs Document Capture Automation with Enterprise Content Management, synonymously aligning a strategy for progressive business efficiency.

Taking this step further, Square 9 will offer GlobalCapture as a standalone product, which can be used with or without their SmartSearch ECM platform. Documents can be released to any ECM platform through standard CSV/Image formats or through direct release to products like SharePoint® or Microsoft Dynamics®.

As a key differentiator to competitive products, GlobalCapture presents an enhanced core based licensing model, as opposed to page count licensing, for multi-threaded Image Processing, Classification and OCR, scaling to support the capture volumes of any sized organization. GlobalCapture also features a fully web-based drag and drop design interface, allowing processes to be created, delivered and supported from virtually anywhere.

“SmartSearch 4.4. with GlobalCapture dramatically expands our document capture capabilities by adding new levels of scalability and functionality,” said Stephen Young, President & CEO, Square 9 Softworks. “GlobalCapture provides significant benefits to both our Reseller and End User communities as a product that serves the needs of all businesses – even those who are not using Square 9 for their ECM repository.”

Other updates to SmartSearch 4.4 specifically include the flexibility to perform all ECM database design and configuration tasks through a browser-based interface. With this new configuration interface, users in the web can easily make OCR adjustments like auto rotation, text case changes, font type selection and more, for fast and accurate data indexing.

To learn more, please visit www.square-9.com/document-capture-automation.

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