Square 9 Softworks Streamlines User Experience With GlobalSearch Fall 2022 Release

NEW HAVEN, CONN., November 22, 2022 – Square 9 Softworks, an industry-leading provider of business digital transformation solutions, has announced the latest release of its GlobalSearch Enterprise Content Management Solution. GlobalSearch’s Fall 2022 release includes several new features designed to further simplify document-related tasks, provide a seamless user experience, and allow for better customization without advanced technical expertise.

Designed to facilitate sharing information between business applications, this release includes Auto XChange, a tool that automatically imports data from other data sources. Auto XChange eliminates the need for bulk, server-side SQL calls when sharing data. Instead, Data Xchange provides real-time data sharing between applications with a simple save command.

Another feature, titled “live fields,” empowers users to insert custom JavaScript commands to add their own level of customization to GlobalSearch. Provided use cases for this feature include performing field and row level calculations, automating annotation placement on a document, and providing pop-ups for custom warning messages or reason codes based on a document change.

The GlobalSearch Fall 2022 release also includes a third feature called “live links,” which allows users to call other web-based applications from GlobalSearch by linking them to fields within a document. Sending a preformatted email specific to a document or creating a linked follow up task is among the expected use cases. Users can also pass data to web-based lines of business applications like Salesforce.com or NetSuite to access these applications right from GlobalSearch.

“This release provides tremendous value to users at all levels,” said Stephen Young, president, and CEO of Square 9 Softworks. “Everyday users will benefit from the time-saving tools included, and administrators with less technical experience will benefit from the no-code customization options,” Young continued.

With the GlobalSearch Fall 2022 release, Square 9 remains committed to simplifying common business tasks for organizations of all sizes. For more information, please visit https://info.square-9.com/globalsearch_6.3