Tech Advisors Hosts Premiere of Cyber Crime: The Dark Web Uncovered

BOSTON, DEDHAM, MA, ISSUED JANUARY 18, 2023… Konrad Martin, CEO of Tech Advisors, a leading cybersecurity firm and technology solution provider for small to mid-sized businesses, recently hosted the premiere of Cyber Crime: The Dark Web Uncovered, at a January 11th red carpet event at Showcase Cinema Dedham, 670 Legacy Place.

Martin is one of eleven of the world’s top cybersecurity experts who was selected to participate in the eye-opening documentary that explores the criminal elements and the growing plague of the dark web, from ransomware to human trafficking to drug dealing.

Prominently featured in the documentary, Martin shares key strategies to detect, deflect, and protect individuals, families, and businesses from this growing threat.

Cyber Crime: The Dark Web Uncovered is directed by Jeff Roldan, an accomplished filmmaker known for directing several award-winning feature-length documentaries.

“It was a privilege to be part of this important documentary and have the opportunity to be in the company of some of the most respected cybersecurity experts in the world to address the impact of and measures that can be taken against cyber criminality,” said Martin.

Martin is the author of three books on cybersecurity. His most recent book, Cyber Storm: How to Protect Your Business from a Data Breach and the Resulting Cyber Storm of Fines, Lawsuits & Customer Loss, has achieved #1 best seller status on Amazon.