Terra Energy Services Adds Electronic Office Systems to Growing Reseller Network

BENTON, Ark. — Terra Energy Services, a division of Access Control Devices, Inc. (ACDI) is pleased to welcome Electronic Office Systems as an authorized reseller of its electric vehicle (EV) products.

Terra Energy Services is committed to making EV charging effortless for commercial, fleet, and residential environments. This partnership provides an opportunity for Electronic Office Systems to serve its customers in an exciting new way by offering EV charging products, including chargers, software, analytics, support, and financing options.

“All of us at ACDI are excited to welcome Electronic Office Systems as our newest reseller partner for Terra Energy Services,” said Josh Lane, President and CEO of ACDI. “Their commitment to customer service and excellence has been on display for decades, and we look forward to an exciting future together in the growing space of electric vehicles.”

Electronic Office Systems provides best-in-class services in equipment repair, office equipment maintenance coverage, company pre-move planning and relocation, and record and document management. Based in Fairfield, New Jersey, it is the only electronic equipment services company in the state to receive the J.D. Power Award for Superior Customer Service.

“Here in New Jersey, the main thing that our public utilities, government, and clients desire is reliable and maintained charging stations out in the marketplace,” said Andrew Ritschel, CEO of Electronic Office Systems. “Along with pivotal grants and credits from these entities, our partnership with Terra Energy Services provides a seamless path to bring clean and sustainable energy options to our market.”

With a growing network of authorized resellers, Terra Energy Services provides a way to capitalize on the increasing demand for electric vehicles and the need for a sustainable infrastructure to support that growth through a combination of hardware, software, and maintenance offerings.

“We believe that Electronic Office Systems will make an incredible addition to our growing network of Terra Energy Services resellers,” said Mark Hart, Vice President of Business Development at ACDI. “As EV adoption increases across the country, we’re excited to partner together and work toward our goal of making electrification accessible to everyone.”

Electric vehicle sales are expected to increase by more than 800 percent in the next eight years. Through this partnership, Terra Energy Services and Electronic Office Systems are committed to making EV charging a simple process for businesses, fleets, and retail settings.