Unicon Partners with Island to bring Browser Capabilities within eLux Ready Technology Partner Program

Karlsruhe, July 09, 2024 – Unicon, the leading provider of the Linux-based operating system eLux, proudly announces its partnership with Island, a distinguished pioneer and leader in the Enterprise Browser market. This collaboration signifies a significant advancement in empowering organizations with enhanced security and user experience capabilities.

The Enterprise Browser offered by Island represents the future of desktop computing, enabling organizations to fortify user and data protection precisely where they engage with SaaS and internal web applications. By leveraging Island’s Enterprise Browser, security teams gain comprehensive control over crucial security aspects, ranging from basic exfiltration protections to advanced security demands, thus unlocking unprecedented opportunities across various enterprise scenarios.

Unicon is known as a pioneer in the field of hybrid client software, with eLux and Scout standing out as powerful solutions for centralized IT architectures. eLux is an ultra-lightweight, Linux-based operating system that is hardware-agnostic and specifically designed to enable scalability and security in VDI and DaaS environments, as well as access web apps over the browser. In addition to eLux, Scout serves as a central management solution for administering all eLux devices.

The partnership between the two software providers combines the strengths of Unicon’s ultra-lightweight and highly secure operating system eLux with Island’s enterprise browser functions to provide companies with a robust platform for secure and simplified access to corporate applications and data over the web. Through the integration of these solutions, IT departments can enhance the security and productivity of their company, while simultaneously ensuring comprehensive control over access to sensitive data and applications.

“With its Enterprise Browser, Island has pioneered an entirely new category of enterprise software that affords CISOs and CIOs a simpler and more secure way to protect the enterprise while improving the user experience and reducing costs and complexity in the security stack,” said Richard Greene, Island’s SVP Strategic Partnerships.

Lee Morrisey, Unicon’s Field Chief Technology Officer, remarked, “The partnership with Island aligns perfectly with Unicon’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions to our clients. By integrating Island’s Enterprise Browser into our eLux ecosystem, we are poised to revolutionize the way organizations interact with web applications, ensuring unparalleled security and efficiency.”

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